Playing Tennis in Japan

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Playing Tennis in Japan

In Japan to get court time is tough unless you join a club, and even then it if different from home. In Canada, you call up your buddy or buddies and say,

"Hey, how about we play tennis at the club at 2 o`clock?"

Then you meet up there and you play solid for one hour or two.

In Japan it is like this:

No one ever phones anyone. You go up to the club, and the owner of the tennis club, if they are good, will say,

"Hey Kevin, you and Mr. Yoshida should play."

But usually it is doubles as it is crowded so it would be Yoshida, Suzuki, Tanaka and I and we play one set of doubles.

Then we go back to the club house and Tanaka and Yoshida have a smoke. And I sit and wait to play another set. The guys stay up there all day. Like they have nothing better to do. Eventually we play another set.

So I take lessons as I get about 2 hours of solid practice in. I burn more fat, I hit more balls and it is great practice. It isn`t a match but it is tennis practice.

To get in a lot of tennis practice here in Japan, you probably need to join a school. That`s my feeling anyway.

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