Pretty Japanese Girl

I Moved to Kanagawa to be with the Love of my Life

Pictured: My pretty Japanese girl, Ikumi

Ikumi was and still is a pretty Japanese girl to me. She is also a great mother, a good teacher, my best friend and just an all around great lady!

Someone much wiser than I once said that if you meet a lady who is too good for you, marry her! So I did!

She has been a great influence for me, being thrifty when I spend too much money, and being relaxed when I am too high strung. I do that for her too. Ikumi teaches at various local junior high schools. She gets moved around a lot, spending one to two years at each school. It is a tough position to be in but she is a real trooper. Not only that but she takes care of all of us.

My advice ladies and gentlemen, is if you meet a great person in Japan, snatch them up. Otherwise you may regret it! I`m glad I did. Japanese can make great spouses. Like anything though you must work at your marriage and you can`t expect it to be just like a western marriage. You are marrying a Japanese, a person who has grown up in this culture and despite appearances of westernization--western ideas and great English speaking ability,he or she is from a country with a very long history and a very rich culture.

That isn`t nullified by a home-stay in New York; or years of English study. He or she is still Japanese. Not only are they Japanese, (whether they will admit it or not), they are Asian and you have to understand that. Their history, their way of looking at life is ingrained in their psyche. just as yours is.

If you can be compassionate though, and dampen down your ego,you can have a very rich, exciting, interesting life with aJapanese spouse.

I think all problems can be overcome with understanding and compromise. In the west we have grown up with a fast-food, instant gratification society--drive through windows and convenience stores. I want my burger now! Not in ten minutes.

Marriage is not like that. It is a challenge. It isn`t the latest romantic movie from Hollywood. It is life and you have to work at it.

But it can be glorious and marrying someone from another culture can add to the mystery and the fun of life.

I am happy that I married Ikumi. She is the love of my life!

I hope you find yours! Visit our photo gallery to see photos of Japan or add your own.

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Pictured: Two of our cute kids in other years. Children of mixed race generally are beautiful! Some are butt ugly.Ooops! We`ll delete that later right?

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