Printable English Grammar Lesson

by Neha Smith

Printable English Grammar Lesson

A Printable English grammar lesson is a must-have for you in order to guide your students in a practical and scientific manner.

You can teach the students grammar lessons and about grammar usage. You can also explain to them in concrete words that express the ideas perfectly.

However, understanding the lessons on part of the students is much easier when you make them use the grammar in a practical way, the way they use the language in daily life. This is the purpose that the grammar exercises serve.

They get the students out of reading grammar definitions and into using the grammar, practicing the
grammar, so they can use it outside of the classroom
as well.

Wondering where to get such printable English grammar lessons with which you can ask your students to solve the problems?

You can make an online search for:

"printable english grammar lesson"

And a thousand sites will give you lots of ideas. You will even get lots of samples with which you can copy and set an exercise for a test.

But why should you choose the grammar problems that have been used so many times?

Why is it necessary to prepare printable English grammar lessons yourself?

It is you who teaches the students grammar lessons. So, you know what exactly students need to be aware of, and of which they are not aware of yet.

Prepare the English grammar exercises accordingly, so that you can test if the students have learnt it right, or they need further guidance on it.

Well, here’s an example. Suppose, you are teaching your students the use of particular prepositions that usually follow a verb.

You may easily find a printable English grammar lesson related to it.

But, solving them may not help the students exactly in the ways they need it. For instance, if you find you students making mistakes in using prepositions with the verbs like ‘provide’ or ‘abide’ your printable English grammar lessons should include this:

The government provided the refugees _____ food and shelter.

Everybody should abide ____ the rules.

When your students are answering this question, they know that ‘with’ is the word to use after ‘provide’ or ‘by’ after ‘abide’.

Provide somebody with something; abide by the rules - they will learn it and never forget.

Printable English grammar lessons are most essential when you try to make your students understand a grammatical term.

As has been mentioned earlier, giving the definition will not do. You have to explain it in a clarifying tone so that the student can understand it without any help (while reading.)

In the process you will also understand what changes you need to make in the language you use. You should have no problem making changes since you do it in your soft copy which can be printed and given to your students.

The last thing to mention, but certainly not the least, is that a printable English grammar lesson is not going to serve the purpose, unless you present it in a way that arrests the attention of the students.

This is applicable when a teacher teaches in the classroom. It is applicable even when you are trying to teach your students through study materials or printable lessons. So get their attention, then teach them the grammar point you desire to teach.


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