Printable Vocabulary Flashcards

Finding and Using Printable Vocabulary Flashcards

by Sandra Johnson

Flashcards can really help you learn new words and memorize them for long term usage. In fact, this is one of the proven ways that you or someone you are teaching can learn their vocabulary. Best of all, these cards are often free and easy to find online. The trick is in knowing where to look and how to use them effectively.

Types of Vocabulary Flashcards

There are two types of printable vocabulary flashcards. One type you can find is the one that is pre-made. These tend to have high frequency words necessary for those who are learning English as a second language or children who are learning their vocabulary for the first time. The other type of printable vocabulary flashcards are those that you can make yourself using a website or free online software. These flashcards allow you to input your own words and definitions, and then print them out in flash card format.

The flashcards generally print one sided. You can then paste them onto 3 x 5 index cards or paste the two sides together to create the flashcards. Each piece of paper will probably yield about three or four flashcards. Be ready to refill your paper tray and have plenty of paper on hand if you are going to be printing out a lot of flashcards at one time.

Finding Vocabulary Flashcards

There are many websites where you can find printable vocabulary flashcards. Some sites are designed for second language English students, while others are designed for homeschooling families, and some are designed for self study. All of them are pretty much interchangeable with the others, as long as you are studying high frequency words. College writing sites may also offer more difficult words in printable vocabulary flashcards. There are also some free software programs that will allow you to create and print flashcards of your own.

Using Vocabulary Flashcards

You may think you know how to use flashcards. When you are on your own, you just guess at the answer and then flip it over to see if you are right. If you are working with someone else, you have them hold the card up and tell you if you are right. These are the normal ways of using flashcards. But there are other ways you can use them also.

For example, one great way to use vocabulary flashcards is to choose one card a day as your vocabulary word of the day. Then use that word (hopefully in a proper manner) throughout the day as much as possible. This will help you reinforce the definition of the word into your mind, especially if you are corrected throughout the day for using the word in the wrong way.

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