Resume for Thailand - Sam Westbrook

by Sam Westbrook

Resume for Thailand - Sam Westbrook

Name: Samuel Westbrook
Date of Birth: 21st August, 1965 (46 years old)
Native Language: English
Available To Work In: Thailand
Nationality American
Gender male
Email Address
Phone 0810038596

Employer Name Date From Date to Role
Chonradsadornumrung School May, 2011 to Sept. 2011 Teacher
Wales English Academy Jan., 2009 to Jan., 2011 Teacher
EduBest English Oct., 2007 to Oct., 2008 Teacher
Sarasas Witaed Suksa School April, 2005 to April, 2006 Teacher
America West Airlines May, 2000 to August, 1998 Supervisor
TO-MO Construction April, 2000 to November, 2004 Foreman
Delta Airlines July, 1998 to March, 1997 Agent
Institute Name Region Year Completed
Northwest Missouri State University Maryville USA 2004 (BA - Teaching Qualification)
Aberdeen Central Aberdeen USA 1983 (Diploma - Teaching Qualification)
Other Languages
Language Fluency Spoken Fluency
Thai beginner, Korean beginner
Skill Name Description
Computing, Entertainment, Sports, Writing
I attended one of the first electronic campuses in the United States. I am acquainted with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Explorer. I enjoy playing sports as well as being a spectator. I am currently working on a novel and collection of short stories.

I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I like to immerse myself in different cultures. After finishing my contract in Korea in January of this year I traveled to the Philippines, Egypt, Israel, and South Africa. A truly amazing experience!
Personal Statement
Greetings.... My name is Sam and I have just finished teaching English at a Public High School in Thailand. I have enjoyed the opportunity
and had a lot of fun with the Students. I found myself learning new ideas and concepts all the time, which enhanced the experience even more. I am
now seeking a teaching position in a different location. I wish to expand my horizons and look forward to meeting new people and seeing new places. I
consider myself an Ambassador for the U.S. when I travel. I have met many people whose only experience with someone from America is what they
see in the movies. I enjoy the opportunity to converse with people from all over the world and perhaps show them that folks from America are much
like they are. We have many of the same concerns that face people all around the globe in that we want to be healthy and happy.
Employee Requirements
Negotiable. I would like to find a position in Thailand as I am living there now. However, I will consider all offers. If you have a position I could help you with or I can offer further information please contact me at: or you can call me on my cell.
Have yourself a Great Day!

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