Sakura Hotel for a daily Stay

Sakura Hostel for a Daily Stay in Tokyo

Sakura Hotel in Tokyo is generally cheap, bright and comfortable.Which is what you want isn`t it?

Most of the reviews I have read of this hotel chain are favorable and you can`t beat their prices and flexibility.

"A great place for travelers who want a relaxed, social place to stay with a prime location."

M. Bucklen wrote at He goes on to say:

"I've stayed here three times now and every expereience has been great. The staff is very helpful, friendly and multilingual. They've always handled my reservations without any problems and have been flexible for me. The location is great, walking distance to the subway. It's clean and convenient. I always manage to make friends here as it is popular with backpackers and English teachers."

(Photo of Tokyo at night by Jon Butterworth)

If you don`t have a friend to stay with but want a cheap but clean place to stay, I recommend either Sakura House (for monthly stays) or the Hotel for daily stays.

Both are clean and well run hostels.

The hostel looks promising too!

Sakura Budget Hotels

Has hotels in Ikebukuro, Hatagaya and Jimbocho in Tokyo.

Prices range from: 6,800 Yen/night-8,400 Yen/night

If you are willing to sleep in the dormitory that is under 3,000 Yen/night!

Sakura House`s monthly rents start from 39,000-80,000 and up/month.

All rooms are furnished and have free internet in most rooms.

It is also multinational, so it is kind of fun to stay there.

"There are many budget hotels and hostels in Japan`s major cities but one of the cleanest and best is this one, in Tokyo."

--Tom Wakefield, Traveler

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