Science Vocabulary

Science Vocabulary, help your English students in Japan to learn more about science, and learn new scientific words as well. Whether you teach English in Japan or teach science elsewhere, the resources and advice on this page should help you!

I have taught some company classes and we have discussed scientific topics, and I sometimes get a pharmacist or a doctor as a student. I once worked with a doctor in Nagoya and helped him with a talk he was to give on a medical procedure involving the eye.

It can be a struggle to find good materials about science for EFL/ESL students. Some of the resources listed here should help.

Tools for Educators

Is a great website with many worksheets for teachers. You can make your own or download the ones available on the site. Visit their science page for science based board games, a worksheet maker, scientific printables and teaching materials with images. Check out the Scientific tools for Educators.

BBC Learning English

The BBC has a special section for English learners and some of the articles there are easy to read science articles. It is a veryinteresting and colorful site, that will draw your students in.

Check it out and you may want to assign reading a science articlefor homework (for your intermediate to advanced students). BBC Learning English

Here is a fun way for your students to review and learn scientific terminology. They can play Hangman online. You can even add your own vocabulary words for your class to use. Play Science Vocabulary Hangman now.

Science Worksheets

Teachnology has many science based worksheets that are great forEnglish classes that require a little science input. The topicsrange from animals to biology labs, dinosaurs to chemistry labs. They seem to cater to all ages and levels. Download some freescience worksheets now. has a list of basic scientific words that are importantfor your students interested in science to know. As well as thebasic list of words, there are many more specific lists including:

the body, environment,the mind,the senses and the weather.

Check out About`s science page for ESL students.

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