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Seiha English Academy is Overwhelmingly Recommended

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by Doug Smith

I lived in Japan for 4 years and I worked at a number of different language schools during that time from chains to private schools (GEOS, YMCA, Kumamoto Foreign Language Academy, etc.) It was a mixed bag really, but I have to overwhelmingly recommend the Seiha English Academy.


They were the most organized and dedicated school I have ever worked for. Their teaching materials were bar-none from big high-gloss flash cards and attendance stamp books, to English Song CDs and high-end toys. I think these schools only exist in Nishi Nihon (western Japan) though and usually inside of a Jusco Superstore.

(Pictured: a typical lunch in Japan, by Paul Canosa)

Lesson Planning

That might sound a little strange, but it was really convenient for the students and teachers. Lesson plans would be faxed or sent to the school daily to make sure that everyone was teaching the same material at every Seiha school.

This cut down on planning time and really let the Native English teacher get creative with the lessons. At least I did. You also worked with a Japanese English teacher, who acted as a support for the lesson and helped control the students behavior if things got out of hand.

Teaching at Seiha English Academy -- What was it like?

Both teachers were treated with equal respect as it was really a co-teaching environment. I loved teaching at this school.

Sometimes you had to travel, which was a pain, but they would at least try to keep you at the same school all day if possible. I was lucky and got to teach at a brand new Seiha school in a Jusco Superstore in Yatsushiro.

I was only a part-time employee, but they paid me really well with a fixed salary, including time off! They often had days off at the end of the month called 'Seiha Days' in order to keep the number of classes even for each student. It was a really wonderful experience and I think it was so great because it was a small local chain and not a big chain like GEOS.

"SEIHA English Network, a children`s English school, is looking for full-time English teacher in Mie area in Japan. Salary is ¥250,000 per a month that can be promoted. Working hours will be 8 hours a day, and 5 days a week. Extra work might be required in a special occasion. Training will be provided. This is a good offer for you who like country side and want to learn Japanese language and culture, since there are not so many foreigners and it is famous for its nature, Ninjas and their castle. Moreover, price is cheaper than other Japanese cities. Please have at least 6months left on your Visa. Working holiday Visa is available, and we can support when it`s to be renewed or changed to working Visa."

Please forward your CV or resumes to

--from a Seiha ad

Have you taught at Seiha?

Have you taught at Seiha? Share your experiences!

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