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Have you ever thought about teaching English in Korea?

Seoul Subway Map, it is a huge city, so it is best to get a great map and follow it. Otherwise you will get lost. If the directions say to take Exit A6 from such and such a station, follow those directions to a tee! I`ve made the mistake of taking any old exit, like the typical Canadian I am, and ended up God knows where, getting lost and having to go back into the station to do it all again.

Follow directions, get a great map, and use it. Then enjoy your time in Seoul or any Korea city!

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Seoul Subway

Seoul Subway, the best advice is to follow the maps! It is a huge city, like New York, not like Vancouver. Get a good map,and follow directions.

The subways of Seoul, are good, reliable, clean and safe, like the

whole country!

Pusan South Korea

The city used to be called Pusan South Korea, but is now called Busan. It is South Korea`s second largest city, after Seoul. It has a population of more than 4 million. Busan is the 5th largest port in the world! Busan has hosted the Asian Games, APEC, the FIFA World Cup and is hoping to host the Olympics.

Busan has the world`s largest department store.

Busan South Korea - the city with two names!?

You say Pusan, I say Busan?

Busan South Korea, is the site of many tall buildings. It is a big city and an exciting and vibrant one with a mild climate. Many Busan residents and tourists enjoy the nightlife of this exciting city. Busan boasts great seafood and


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