Shin Shizen Juku

New Nature School

Shin Shizen Juku is a Commune in Hokkaido (New Nature School)

Onwer: Hiroshi Mine


Tsurui, Akan-gun,

Hokkaido 085-12


Tel. 154-64-2821

This is a farming commune in the village of Tsurui, Hokkaido where you can have the opportunity to teach people living in the area.

It sounds very interesting. This institution prefers those who can stay for 3-5 months to give continuity to the community and the English lessons. It is run like an Israeli kibbutz.

You teach six hours of conversational English per week.

*No formal teaching qualifications are necessary.

Another great thing is it is located in Hokkaido which is full of natural wonders and this school is near three national parks--another perk of living and teaching there.

You have the opportunity to make friends with some of the most interesting Japanese people you will meet while in Japan. People who think outside the box.

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