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Smiths Schools of English sells school franchises in Japan. Some teachers buy, build then sell a school or schools.

I think just being associated with a man like Mr. Smith, a man obviously with a lot of chutzpah and entrepreneurial spirit, is a great thing. A lot of that rubs off, if you learn as much as you can from people with their own business. Unfortunately few think like this. Most people think of a job - getting a job, keeping a job or looking for another job.

Another way of looking at your career, is to think about starting your own business. And a Smith`s franchise could be a career as some have made it, or a stepping stone, and learning experience for other future entrepreneurial endeavors.

But as Mr. Smith I think would say himself, it isn`t for everyone!

Smith's School of English Franchises

Smiths Schools of English offers franchises in Japan

Smith`s is one of a few schools to offer franchise opportunities at a price many can afford.

(Even I could afford a Smith`s franchise. If I don`t drink beer for a bit eh...)

(Smiths Schools of English--Pictured: Kagawa by Devanshe Chauhan)

I am an entrepreneur and as soon as someone says business opportunity or franchise opportunity, my ears perk up. This school has been much debated about. But I give them a big thumbs up for teaching teachers what it takes to start and run a successful business. Compared to what you would pay to get an MBA, Smith will sell you a franchise much more cheaply, and you can work at the same time.

I think some of the debate you might come across about Smith`s stems from the fact that some franchisees were not up to the task. They should never have attempted to run their own business. Then some probably have legitimate complaints about Smith`s. Then the truth lies in the middle.

Smiths Schools of English--an Opportunity?

From a very young age I constantly thought of business ideas. --Businesses I could start one day. I enjoyed this. (I know I was a very strange child.)

In my early twenties, my friend Pat and I would spend hours hashing out ideas and the potential for income. It never came to anything, but I think it showed we were entrepreneurial types.

Are you, ready for Smiths Schools of English?

*All of the above did lead to my successful business Kevin`s English Schools. My point is, what type of person are you? If you are not one who yearns from the depths of your soul, for your own business, then steer away from buying any kind of franchise.

It must, must be something you have to do, and you will not give up no matter what. That was the only way I could get Kevin`s going and running, and that will be the only way you can be successful I feel with any franchise you buy. You have to be burning with desire to get it off the ground and keep it there.

About Smiths Schools of English

Read what you can and then decide for yourself. Be an informed buyer. Talk to both happy and disgruntled franchisees then make the decision. There are a few other schools selling franchises--One World for example.

On Smiths Schools of English

Smiths English Schools sells franchises to teachers. They do employ teachers as well, but the business has been built on franchisees with their philosophy of: "Buy, Build, Sell."

Again, Email some of the franchise owners directly and find out the ins and the outs of buying and building a franchise with Smith`s. At first glance it would seem to be an interesting idea.

You really need to know how franchisees are doing in this economy. With plummeting student numbers and an aging population, and virtually no change in Japan`s immigration policy in sight; it does make one wonder how easy it is to build up a school.

I find it hard myself after 20 years of experience at doing just this. How well will a rookie be able to build up a school even with training?

This is a question you will have to ponder.

Have you ever worked for Smith`s Schools of English?

Do you know about Smith`s Schools of English? Share your story!

Starting an English School in Japan

(Pictured: another shot of Kagawa by Devanshe Chauhan)

Starting and running your own English School is not for the faint of heart, and for those who have done it, I send my Cracker Jack prizes to you! My kudos too, whatever the heck they are? Ugh! I think I just found some in my hair!

"Smiths Schools of English is Japan's premiere English teaching franchise system. In 1996, Mark Smith, Founder and Chairman of Smith's, established within the English teaching community in Japan a unique and exciting chance for those looking for a business opportunity in Japan.

Smiths Schools of English teaching Japan is an organization built to provide quality of life and wealth for foreign (non Japanese) English teachers in Japan. Today Smith's is the largest English conversation franchise corporation in Japan owned and operated by foreign English teachers. We believe the business of teaching English conversation in Japan should belong to the very same foreign English teachers who are so essential to the business."

--from the Smith`s Website

Franchisee Roger Tonkin on Smith`s:

"Hi, I am Roger Tonkin. Prior to coming to Japan I built up and ran an electrical wholesale business back in Sydney, Australia. It is still operational, my son is managing that business today.

After about eighteen months of leisurely paced effort I'm delighted to report:

1. The school is producing good income.

2. Growth is steady and profits could easily be doubled within the year.

3. Smith's backup and support has been exemplary.

4. This is one very happy franchisee.

Operating a Smith's School of English franchise is a breeze. In fact my work as an English teacher in Japan is practically my retirement! I am 61 years old but can still see myself happily running this school ten years from now. Few business opportunities for foreigners could be better, either from the point of view of remuneration or lifestyle.

If you have good humor, are patient when speaking English with non natives and can keep to a regular schedule then you cannot fail to have a successful school within a few months of opening.

I love my work, my students, my life but my one complaint is that I'm the only one in Tokyo operating a Smith's School of English Franchise. How come? The potential here in Tokyo is phenomenal. What about it, somebody?

All I can say to any English speaker is come on, do the Smith's training and become an English teacher in Japan now. Join Smith's School of English Franchises." --from Smith`s Testimonials page at their official homepage

With Smith`s you can buy an existing franchise or start your own. Smith`s is one of very few schools offering franchise opportunities in Japan.

None of the BIG schools offer franchise opportunities to non-Japanese to my knowledge. Few of the BIG schools think of non-Japanese as permanent employees. Smith`s teaches you the many ins and outs of starting, then running a successful school in Japan.

Had there been a Smith`s back in 1991 when I started Kevin`s English Schools, I might have become part of the Smith`s team.

I started my first school the hard way by learning as I went.

There were no books to read about how to start an English school in Japan. My friends and family thought I was nuts. I went on guts, the naivety of youth, and read a lot of positive thinking books. And my wife was a huge part of our success too.

Fortunately we lucked out. We did enough of the right things to establish our first school. We now have three small schools.

I have read a lot of the advice they give at Smith`s about how to start then run an English school. I recommend Smith`s for the entrepreneurial minded English teachers in Japan.

Smith`s Schools of English: If you are interested in Smith`s philosophy of buy, build, sell then visit the Smith`s website.

Smiths Schools of English: Should you have more than 45 students after seven years of building a school? Perhaps not in this tough economy. Read more opinions about Smith`s.

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