Something Beautiful

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Something Beautiful is an activity I use for university writing classes, and at times, I even use it in speaking classes as a break from the usual activities we do.

You can cut and paste the following and give it to your students as a hand out.

I like this activity, as some students find English difficult, but they can draw. So it allows them to experience some success in an English class. As well, it gets them away from their cell phones, and computers, and gets them to notice the beauty around them.

We are so techno-addicted as a global culture. This is my small way of combating that.

Copy and Paste the following, and print it out for your university students.

Something Beautiful

Draw something you think is beautiful.    Go out of the classroom if you want to, and draw something that is beautiful to you.  

Write about what you dre. Answer these questions:

Where is it?

Why did you draw it?

Why do you think it is beautiful?

Does it remind you of any memories? ie) Do you meet your friends at this spot?
Did you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time here? Is it a special
place for you? If so, why?

Is it a romantic place for you? If so, why?

Do you like to draw? Why?/Why not?

Did you draw more as a child? Do you draw more often now?

Is it important to notice beauty?

Our lives are very busy. Many people spend a lot of time looking at a cell phone or computer screen. Many people do not take the time to notice what they think is beautiful. Some people have forgotten what is beautiful.

What do you think about this?

Kevin Burns

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