Spelling Bee Game

Where can I find a good Spelling Bee game?

by Lyanne Thomas

Is good spelling important? Of course it is, in writing a document or maybe an article correct spelling counts. How could you expect someone to take your work seriously when you can't spell words correctly. Isn't it a shame to submit work filled with spelling errors? How then do we enhance our spelling skills?

For our non-native English speakers reading this: Have you ever heard of a “Spelling Bee?” It is a contest or a competition where the players are asked to spell English words.

The English words are categorized into different difficulty levels. Words also varies depending on the age or grade and year level of the contestants. It is a good activity to develop and enhance vocabulary and spelling skills.

To boost your spelling skills here are some sites to help you:

1. The Times Spelling Bee The Times Spelling Bee

A U.K. based site that offers you the feel of the actual spelling bee competition. You can even have a face with your friends in Head to Head and what's more this site is not only for learners but for teachers and parents as well. The site offers several fun games that teachers and parents can use to reinforce effective learning.

2. Memory-Improvement-Tips.com Memory-Improvement- Tips.com

Memory-Improvement-Tips.com is a great site to practice spelling new words. You can learn several words since meanings are provided, a good way of having a clear understanding of the word. Very informative and you can as well practice the pronunciation of the words after listening to the audio.

3. Spelling Games TVO kids Spelling Games TVO Kids

Both kids and parents will love this site. The bee claps along as you spell the 25 words. The bee praises you for each correct word and encourages you to try a new word when you fail to spell out a word correctly.

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