Spelling Games for Kids

Spelling Games for Kids – Keep It Fast and Competitive to Enjoy Great Results

by Sandra Johnson

The best teacher is one who can educate kids without letting them realize that they are learning. Such lessons are retained forever because it is not simply memorized for marks. Rather, the lessons are understood instinctively and form part of the consciousness of the child. You may find it difficult to remember things that you learned when you attended school as a kid.

However, chances are high that you still remember those innocent and childish games that you played along with your friends in school. This is because you were having lots of fun when you are playing the games. On the other hand, you probably attended lessons and learn stuff because your parents had instructed you to do so.

Experts always advise use of games and toys for better education. This is the reason why you should make use of spelling games for kids. By making it competitive and fun, you can help children learn a lot very quickly. What kind of spelling games for kids can you come up with? You can make smart use of music and have children sing the spelling of words before move on to the next one.

Such games for kids are perfect for very young kids who are beginning to grasp the basics of language. However, expecting teenagers to play spelling games does not make sense. It is important to inject a sense of our competition in the proceedings. You can divide the class into teams and have the team not just spell but also explain the meaning of the words.

Or, you can create circular games for kids which require formation of a word based on last letter of the preceding word. Have the kids spell the word and then explain the meaning before proceeding further.

Spelling for kids need not be restricted to language alone. You can also make use of spelling for kids to help children understand important concepts related to science or social studies. Rather than memorizing the names of capital of each and every state in America, you can come up with spelling games for kids where emphasis is on getting spelling right. You will discover that kids automatically identify capital of states even though they have not been specifically taught such lessons.

Playing the same game again and again can be boring. That is the reason why you should continue to innovate and experiment. Some experiments will work and some will not. You should be prepared for both consequences. Games for spelling need not work the same for all present at all times.

Some kids may be very smart and intelligent and may grasp the lessons faster. Others may find it very difficult to grasp spelling games quickly. In such a scenario, you may end up with a lopsided game where one team or set of individual students get a lot of points while other students find it difficult to even scorer a single point. In such a scenario, you should alter the rules of spelling games for kids to make the even more fun and interesting.

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