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Spelling Games, find games and activities that will help you to teach your ESL/EFL classes here.

Have Fun Learning English with Spelling Word Games

Spelling words in English is always complicated for everyone. Many people think that they know the ins and outs of spelling, but when they’re faced with spelling more difficult words they either head to grab the dictionary or use spell checkers and software for text editing. Thus, it’s extremely important for both adults and children alike to learn proper spelling and for the latter, spelling word games can prove to be extremely helpful.

Online Games for Spelling - there is so much available online for you and your students now.

If you want to teach someone spelling, one of the best things touse is a game. Spelling, vocabulary and grammar are very boring, so children tend to avoid studying them. But if you add fun to them children will learn. I have been an English teacher and I have seen it - that kids only learn when they enjoy. Here are some online games that you can suggest to your students, to help theirspelling.

These Online Games for Spelling are totally free to play.

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Spelling for Kids through Games – Keep It Fast and Competitive to Enjoy Great Results

The best teacher is one who can educate kids without letting them realize that they are learning. Such lessons are retained forever because it is not simply memorized for marks. Rather, the lessons are understood instinctively and form part of the consciousness of the child. You may find it difficult to remember things that you learned when you attended school as a kid.

Where can I find a good Spelling Bee game?

by Lyanne Thomas

Is good spelling important? Of course it is, in writing a document or maybe an article correct spelling counts. How could you expect someone to take your work seriously when you can't spell words correctly. Isn't it a shame to submit a work filled with spelling errors? How then do we enhance our spelling skills?

For our non-native English speakers reading this: Have you ever heard of a “Spelling Bee?” It is a contest or a competition where the players are asked to spell English words.

Kids Spelling Games

Teaching spelling to kids is not actually one’s cup of tea. Spelling has always been a weak point in not only kids, but also with adults learning and using English. Instead of just givingdictations you can help them enjoy learning spelling with the help of some kids spelling games. Hopefully they will motivate your students.

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