Spelling Lessons

Spelling Lessons, how to improve the spelling of our students. How to get your students spelling correctly? And in a fun way!

How to Improve Spelling in Five Easy Steps

The English language can prove to be more than challenging sometimes to both kids and grown-ups. Many people have wondered how to elevate their spelling level in a simple and easy manner. The truth is that you can work on your spelling a little bit every day. Moreover, if you want to improve both yours and your kid’s spelling, you can try to learn and improve your spelling together, one step at a time.

How can we help our students to improve spelling?

1st Grade Spelling Words: An Easy to Follow Teaching Guide

One of the keys to teaching correct spelling is repetition. Repetition can be quite boring and you do not want to lose the interest of your students. When it comes to teaching 1st grade spelling words you are going to want to put the words into themed lists. Keep in mind that children are easily distracted and that too much information can make them lose interest.

(Pictured: Biei, Hokkaido, photo by Ian Griffin)

How Tough Can 2nd Grade Spelling Words Be?

Parents often make the mistake of thinking that home schooling that involves lessons on 2nd grade spelling will not be very difficult.

I recommend using the "Finding Out" series by David Paul to teach phonics to your students or children. Then give them spelling tests like this (below) based on the vocabulary in the Finding Out series, or your own word lists based on the phonics they have already learned.

Be sure of course, to pre-teach the phonics necessary before giving them the test. You do not want to demotivate your students or own children.

Spelling Lessons - Understanding English Spelling Rules

There are so many spelling rules that it can be very difficult to learn all of them. However, if you can learn all of the rules, you will have a much easier time spelling new words. It will also be easier for you to spell words that may be difficult for you now. Of course, there seem to be exceptions to every rule, but this is a great place to start improving your spelling habits.

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