Spelling Quizzes from Online Sources

Using Free Spelling quizzes from Online Sources

by Sandra Johnson

Spelling skills vary from person to person, but for anyone, whether we’re talking about children or adults, correct spelling is a must. Nowadays, everything’s been made easier by computers. If someone wants to write a paper for school or a report for the company they’re working for, spelling is made easier with the help of computer software. Most text editors have accurate spell checkers that can help find and correct misspelled words.

Nonetheless, you need to find other ways to make sure that you can spell correctly under any circumstances. So you can use spelling worksheets, spelling lessons and quizzes. The latter can be found for free all around the internet so it’s easy for anyone to take them and see what words they should be working on. Also, you can find some websites with quizzes for spelling below.


ESL Us you can find great spelling bee quizzes that you can use to test yourself. What’s great about this website is that it has various quizzes with different levels of difficulty. In short, this website’s great for both adults and children, regardless of if they’re beginners or advanced English speakers. Also, you can find spelling quizzes with and without sounds that can make self-quizzing even more interesting and exciting.

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English-zone.com has extensive English lessons, and after each learning chapter there are various quizzes including spelling. The way these quizzes are structured is great as you can check your spelling for groups and categories such as third person verbs or pronouns. The downside about this site is that not all quizzes can be taken by non-members and that membership does have its fees.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing also has some nice spelling tests. The organization that sponsors the website is non-profit so you don’t have to pay any fee for the quizzes or any other lessons offered online. You can find here some great quizzes on various topics. For spelling quizzes, scroll down on that page until you reach numbers 133-142.

Quiz-Tree.com is another website that has a couple of interesting and free spelling tests. They’re addressed towards grades 5 and up to adults, so these quizzes aren’t recommended for spelling beginners.

Multiple choice quizzes are one of the best resources you can find to improve spelling. Although they might not be so appealing to children, adults can benefit greatly from them. For kids, you could combine them with word games to make the experience more interesting. If you want to make sure that you or your child will never have to struggle with spelling or rely on a computer to check spelling, you can use any of the above mentioned websites that offer great and free spelling tests.

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