Spelling Reform

by Aarti Thomas

Spelling Reform - Spelling Quizzes

Weak spelling is not a problem only ESL students face. Even native English speakers have trouble with spelling.

The best way to improve your spelling is with the help of regular vocabulary and spelling quizzes.

Spelling quizzes of course, quiz you on your spelling abilities. However in the case of vocabulary quizzes, you get to learn the meaning of new words, and consequently their spelling.

There are many online sites offering spelling quizzes for you to master your spelling skills.
Or for teachers to find the quizzes and give them
to their students.

They are usually classified based on difficulty and intensity; so you have to choose your spelling quiz based on your spelling abilities.

Do a google search for "spelling quizzes," and
many sites supplying them will come on screen.

Spelling Reform - Spelling Quizzes

If your students are very weak at spelling, don’t attempt spelling quizzes that are too complex at the start; it only discourages students if they can’t answer them. Attempt spelling quizzes based on your students` spelling abilities.

It`s better to use spelling quizzes that not only make use of word definitions, but also give example sentences using the word and lets you hear pronunciations so that you understand the word better.

After attempting the questions, your spelling will be checked and you find out how good you are at spelling. You can then proceed to the next spelling quiz for even more difficult spelling questions.

Spelling Reform - You can create your own quizzes

If you are not happy with any of the spelling quizzes you come across, you or even your students, can always decide to create one for themselves.

All you have to do is generate several questions for yourself and after keeping the quiz aside for some time, make your choices. Then, with the help of an online or offline dictionary, check your answers. You could also do this as a pairwork
activity if you are a teacher.

There is no limit to the number of spelling quizzes you have to answer; you just have to keep quizzing yourself till you get your spellings right.

Besides spelling quizzes, if you are looking for jobs that require good spelling skills like data entry, clerical jobs or transcription, you could consider answering online spelling tests. These tests are more complicated, and meet the requirements of job seekers.

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