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Spelling Sheets - When you are teaching English one of the most difficult parts is teaching spelling. Learning spelling seems very boring, thus students have a tendency to avoid studying how to spell.

by K. Ali

. You can assist your students in memorizing spellings with spelling worksheets, instead of pushing the students hard; make the learning easier for them.

Here are some websites where you can easily find English spelling worksheets:


This website has a wide range of free spelling worksheets; there are a large number of worksheets arranged according to classes. You can find spelling worksheets for grades 1 to 7. The website is fairly easy to use and you can find extensive spelling sheets. The best part is that you can directly print them from your browser by clicking the print button at the top of the screen.

There are a few spelling resources at the end of the page for the teachers.

TSL Books

You can find almost 200 spelling worksheets in a very easy to use format. When you open a worksheet, it will open in a PDF format so that you can print it easily. The worksheets, though they are large in number are very simple, for the beginners. Almost all of the worksheets are good for the students of grade 1 or 2.

Spelling Talk Net

All the work sheets on Spelling Talk Net are divided into genres such as syllables, prefixes, word endings, vowels etc. You can use this website when you want some particular type of worksheet. The only problem using this website is that there is no direct print button, you will have copy the worksheet in a word document, and then you can print it.

So just copy and paste away!

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