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Helping your students to learn to spell. How to conduct spelling lessons, spelling tests, and improve our students spelling?

Using a Free Spelling Quizzes from Online Sources

Spelling skills vary from person to person, but for anyone, whether we’re talking about children or adults, correct spelling is a must. Nowadays, everything’s been made easier by computers. If someone wants to write a paper for school or a report for the company they’re working for, spelling is made easier with the help of computer software. Most text editors have accurate spell checkers that can help find and correct misspelled words.

Nonetheless, you need to find other ways to make sure that you can spell correctly under any circumstances. So you can use spelling worksheets, spelling lessons and quizzes. The latter can be found for free all around the internet so it’s easy for anyone to take them and see what words they should be working on. Also, you can find some websites with quizzes for spelling below.

(Pictured: Ian Griffin with Keio students)

Spelling Word Lists that will help your students when preparing for tests

Does correct spelling of words matter? Why?

Even in today's computer-savvy generation with all the spell and check software available, knowing how to spell words correctly is still of great importance, why?

Firstly because learning to spell words accurately is an essential part of learning how to write. Then of course even with modern technology one way or another we must fill job application forms and write letters without the help of spell checker software and of course some tests are taken in longhand. Lastly, spell checkers do not always work.

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