Spelling Word Games

Have Fun Learning English with Spelling Word Games

by Sandra Johnson

Spelling words in English is always complicated for everyone. Many people think that they know the ins and outs of spelling, but when they’re faced with spelling more difficult words they either head to grab the dictionary or use spell checkers and software for text editing. Thus, it’s extremely important for both adults and children alike to learn proper spelling and for the latter, spelling word games can prove to be extremely helpful.

The Best Method of Teaching

Learning proper spelling as a child can prove to be extremely helpful later on and using spelling word games to improve a kid’s spelling is great. However, there are different methods of teaching spelling. Every English teacher should focus on helping their students understand how to spell words correctly by teaching phonics. David Paul`s textbook series "Finding Out," is great for that, as is the "English Land," series of textbooks for children.

For both children and adults, it’s best to use teach phonics instead of trying to make your students memorize each and every word there is in the English language, because the list isn’t short and it can prove to be a difficult task. It may seem obvious to most of us here, but you might be surprised at some Japanese schools that are still teaching word memorization tolearn to read, rather than phonics.

Allow Kids to Have Fun While Learning

Children nowadays have more than a few ways at their disposal to learn how to spell. Some kids or their parents choose to take classes, while other use self-teaching books. Nonetheless, the best way to focus on spelling and helping a child have fun while learning how to spell words properly is by using spelling games. There definitely isn’t any other better tool to help teachers or parents teach! Certainly games are the most entertaining and fun way to reinforce previously taught words.

Playing Hangman to Teach Spelling

Hangman is one of the best spelling games. You don’t need many props either, just a pencil and a pen. This game requires 2 players, the one who writes the word, and the one who guesses it. You need to simply think of a word, write the first and the last letter of the word down and mark all the other letters as underscores. Tell the child what the word is and ask him to guess each letter. Each incorrect guess will be followed by drawing a body part of the hangman.

The child wins and saves the hangman if he/she gets all the letters right or he/she loses if all the body parts of the hangman are drawn and not all letters have been discovered. Great spelling word games such as hangman can also be played online for free on websites such as Netrover.

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Other Spelling Games

Both parents and teachers can use the internet for their benefit and that of their children or students. Many more spelling word games can be found online on other websites like:

Spelling Hemscott

Another spelling game that can be played in class with more students is that of writing on a board a list of words. The students will thereafter go through the list. After that, the teacher asks the student to put their heads now and shuffles the letters of each word on the board so that the kids can rearrange them correctly.

Spelling games are more than simple games, they can help any teacher or parent improve the spelling of a kid in an innovative and creative manner. Help your child get a firm grip on spelling by using these interactive teaching methods.

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