Spelling Word Lists that will help your students

Spelling Word Lists that will help your students

Does correct spelling of words matter? Why?

Even in today's computer-savvy generation with all the spell and check software available, knowing how to spell words correctly is still of great importance, why?

by Lyanne Jacobson

Firstly because learning to spell words accurately is an essential part of learning how to write. Then of course even with modern technology one way or another we must fill job application forms and write letters without the help of spell checker software and of course some tests are taken in longhand. Lastly, spell checkers do not always work.

How to create spelling lists?

One general point to remember when creating a spelling list is not to simply jot down whatever words come to mind. Instead, take cues from the level of your student and the variety of learning materials they're currently using.

For example, many spelling lists are created based upon student's current reading materials such as their science and literature curriculum. There are also those who create spelling lists base on spelling rules. Some educators use a district-approved spelling curriculum, while some use word lists such as: “Words All First Graders Should Know”

Spelling list resources online:

All About Spelling

All About Spelling is a great educational website that offers free spelling lists from Grades 1- 7 and the Ayres Spelling Scale, together with the famous Dolch Word List. The website also provides effective tips for helping students become successful spellers.

Spelling Lists

Is another website that provides free spelling lists to help students improve their spelling skills. The site contains 20 word list for students to practice.

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