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Spelling Worksheets - Where to find them and how to use them in your English classes. You can view the spelling sheets teachers have uploaded to our site below, and better still, upload yours and share what you have made and help other English teachers around the world!

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Spelling Sheets - When you are teaching English one of the most difficult parts is teaching spelling. Learning spelling seems very boring, thus students have a tendency to avoid studying how to spell.

You can assist your students in memorizing spellings with worksheets, instead of pushing the students hard; make the learning easier for them.

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How to Find Free Spelling sheets?

Many websites offer great spelling sheets and usually they are free! (except for the ink you must use!) Which sites are good?

If you want your students to learn spelling the easy way, the first step is to find these spelling sheets (see our recommended list at the bottom of this page). These worksheets are available all around the web, and finding websites that offer them is fairly easy. However, finding the right spelling worksheet can be another matter altogether.

Types of Difficult Spelling Words

It is said that learning English is harder than learning any other language, largely because of our difficult spelling. There are many words that are difficult to read or spell due to rules, exceptions to the rules, silent letters, and homonyms. Many of the most difficult spelling words are easily placed into three different categories. If you focus on one category at a time, it may help you to memorize and understand the spelling of these words.

Spelling Workbooks Reviews – Use These to Protect Your Child's Education

Why do people attach importance to workbook reviews? You may feel that any workbook should be good enough for your child or student. However, when you take a look at the huge variety available in the market, you will automatically understand the importance of making smart use of reviews.

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