Spoken English Grammar

Advice for Students Studying English as a Second Language

Advice on Spoken English Grammar for ESL Students

by Aarti Thomas

ESL students find it rather difficult speaking English because of English grammar. This is rather common in people who learn English as a second language; so ESL students should not lose hope. It is only with courage and determination, and with the following advice that it is possible to cross the hurdles to learning spoken English.

1. The most fun way (if not the best) is to learn English grammar is to regularly speak with English speaking friends. Don’t feel shy or hesitate to speak because of your poor English; you will improve your hold on the English language only by speaking and learning from your mistakes. Your friends will also be able to teach you better English grammar after conversing with you and hearing you speak English. Don`t rely on them though. You should study on your own from grammar books. Your friends are not your free English teachers.

2. You will find it easier to learn spoken English if you develop a habit of translating from your own language into English and vice versa. But even better, is if you can actually think in English, and believe me you can if you try. Even beginners can think in simple English sentences.

3. Make it a point to write in English wherever possible. Write letters to your friends; once again, you may make mistakes here too. However don’t let this get you down; keep on writing and learning from your mistakes so that you gradually master the English language. Perseverance is perhaps the most importantaspect of any endeavor.

4. Even chatting with friends on the internet will help you learn spoken English. However make sure you only converse with people who fluently speak and write English lest you end up worsening whatever you have learnt in English.

Kevin Burns suggests however, that any practice is good. That learning English is just like learning to play tennis. You don`t have to hit with the coach to improve, you can improve with poor players too, just as you can improve your speaking with poor English speakers. Burns feels it is good to speak with all kinds of people, from native speakers to poor English speakers. It is all practice for your English speaking.

5. Reading also helps in learning spoken English. The more you read, the more confident you become about using the English language. You can read books, magazines, web content, articles and newspapers to improve your English grammar and even your English vocabulary. The more you read the better your English becomes.

6. There are various sites on the internet that offer practice and tests in improving your English grammar. Try out these tests and you will find your spoken English grammar improving tri-fold. You can find links to these sites here at our site, or by simply doing a google search for English grammar tests.

You won’t improve your English grammar by doing all this only once in a blue moon. The only way you will be able to improve your hold on spoken English grammar is by practicing it everyday. Practice afterall, makes perfect!

Have fun and enjoy the adventure that is learning English!

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