Story Grammar

Story Grammar - As a child I never wanted to read. I remember the day though when I was around 7 and I had read my first book. It was a very colorful book with some of those 3D style pictures that change shape if you look at them from different angles. It was a beautiful book, with not so many words. But I was very proud of myself that I could read the whole thing.

If we can instill a love of reading in our students, grammar will come much more easily. I have taught English to Japanese students since 1987. In my experience, the students who love to read English books are better in ALL aspects of English.

Why this is, I am not sure. These students may be better students in other ways as well. It is safe to say though, that reading books will improve one`s grammar. Reading seems to help instill the grammar lessons we teach our students.

Somehow, reading seems to grow roots in the brain that stay and become a tree of English knowledge.

Be sure to have many books suitable in level and interest for your students. It will help them in other aspects of their English. Again the students who read, also speak better.

I don`t have a scientific study to back up my assertions. But this has been my experience of teaching thousands of Japanese students since 1987.

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