Swiss Park Hotel Bangkok

& the Parks of this Huge City

Swiss Park Hotel Bangkok located in Sukhumvit is a charming and reasonably priced hotel. It is near some of Bangkok`s good shopping and entertainment areas.

The hotel is a 2 minute walk from BTS Sky train stations (Nana).


- marble floors

- air conditioning

-satellite TV

-IDD telephone

- a safety deposit box

- hair dryers

- a refrigerator and mini-bar

Room Rates:

1400 ABF - 2800 ABF

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Swiss Park Hotel Bangkok

155/23 Sukhumvit 11,

Vadhana Distric,

Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: (662) 254-0228-9 Fax: (662) 254-0378

The Swiss Park Hotel Bangkok provides easy access to the business districts of commercial houses, banks, airline offices, major shopping complexes, 24 hour service supermarkets, embassies and Queen Sirikit National Convention Center and major city terminal stations.

Bangkok`s Parks

Bangkok with its many markets, interesting old neighborhoods, temples and waterways, is sadly lacking in public parks and gardens, although the Thais are great lovers of flowers and plants.Thailand is after all one of the world`s largest exporters or orchids and has developed several species unique to the kingdom.Visitors interested in plants native to Thailand and exhibits from abroad will find no better place than the new Rama IX Park on the outskirts of Bangkok.

by Wayne Burns

TAT - Tourism Authority of Thailand will give directions to this huge area in the northeastern suburbs of the city.

TAT - Tourism Authority of Thailand

1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400,


Tel: 662 250 5500, TAT Call Center: 1672

The Rama IX Park or Suan Raw Kao was completed in honor of the kinPs sixtieth birthday in 1987. It has been landscaped to display the many Thai plants to their best advantage and includes everything, from trees and shrubs to orchids.

In one pavilion are only shade-loving plants such as ferns and bromeliads. In a geodesic dome, donated by the US government and many American companies, a cacti collection has been planted, with specimens flown in from the Arizona and New Mexicodeserts. Behind the upswept central pavilion of the park, which houses a collection of mementoes and photographs commemorating the life and hobbies of His Majesty the King, is a large artificial lake, in which aquatic plants native to Thailand have been planted. Chinese and Japanese gardens were donated by the governments in Beijing and Tokyo. The park is open everyday but is crowded on weekends, although it is too vast for this to matter.

Another garden, west of Bangkok, is the famous Rose Garden. Depending on traffic conditions, it is a bout an hourse drive (about 30km) away. Known as Suan Sam Phran, this garden is really an assortment of attractions, the large landscaped flower beds being merely one of them. There is a modern hotel, a golf course, convention center and several Thai-style bungalows. Other recreational facilities include a swimming pool, bowling alley and river sports on the Tachin River. Thai cultural shows are presented as well. Located on Route 4, it is easy to reach by car, or by bus from the Thonburi southern bus terminal.

The Suan Pakkard Palace also has a rich botanical collection. Its gardens were designed by Princess Chumbhot of Nagara Svarg, who, in addition to being one of Thailand`s leading art collectors, was also an avid gardener. Many of the rarer trees and plants are labeled.

On the Thonburi side of the river, especially along the numerous canals, are acres of orchid gardens, where plants and cut flowers are cultivated for both the local markets and export. Thailand has over a thousand varieties of native orchid in its jungles, and experts are constantly trying to create new hybrids. The gardens along the klongs are best visited by boat. Water tours can easily be arranged.

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