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When you teach business English, both teachers and students should have a plan as Keuling points out in this article. Indeed students need a clear goal and so do their teachers.

Photo: Shizuoka`s Granship Building by Paul Canosa

On Teaching English in Japan & Studying English

by Eric Keuling

My purpose with this short article is to offer you advice on improving your English skills. Most importantly, please try to have fun along the way.I think in one respect, learning a second language can sometimes be like exercising at the gym. We all know it is good for us in the long run, but boy can it be both boring and tiresome!!! Studying English can really be mentally and physically challenging. Whenever possible, we have to make learning English fun. Therefore, I think teachers need to strive to make their classes both productive and fun and enjoyable.

Now I would like to say a few words in regards to studying English. Without question, becoming a great speaker of English requires the interested learner to possess many positive traits. It requires ambition, motivation, commitment, time, energy, patience, and most importantly it requires the right game plan. You need a solid,well-conceived, organized plan in order to succeed. You must deserve success. As Winston Churchill told the British people during his rallying cry back in World War II:

"Hoping and praying for victory is fine, but deserving it is what really matters." Simply put, if you do not contain the proper game plan, chances are you will not reach your goals.

Teach English in Japan Author:

Eric Keuling is a former teacher of Kevin`s English Schools. He has gone on to become a lawyer, and married a lovely Japanese lady. This article was originally posted to the KES homepage From teach business English to How to teach English in Japan (home)

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