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Teach English Jobs: Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? Or are you happy as heck and want to tell everyone about it? Which ever it is you can do it here. If you teach English in Japan, tell us about your school. How great is it? Or is it rotten to the core?

(Pictured above: Hiroshima Prefecture, by Ian Griffin)

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Heart English School 
Also known as Heart Corporation. Since this is my first company I worked for ever since I got here to Japan and reading up and hearing upon so many …

Basic Grammar in Use 
Basic Grammar in Use - English Language Teaching Part 2 On Education in Japan & the West Basic Grammar in Use, Junior high and high school becomes …

American Language School 
I had applied to this company a few years earlier. They were quite bad at communicating. They were very unclear as to whether there would be work or …

Right of Expectation 
The Right of Expectation basically is the legal right to expect work if you have been given it year after year. Barring a drop in student numbers which …

Five Year Limit 
The Five Year Limit, How to Deal with it? If you teach at a university in Japan and you are asked to take a break or asked if you would like to …

I worked at Aeon Meijiro for three years. Super company. They treat employees like family, and the students are awesome. Highly recommended.

Smearing an Entire Industry - Let`s Japan!  
Smearing an Entire Industry - Let`s Japan! "The Site Dedicated to Debunking Eikaiwa" "Let's Japan was not created to smear an entire industry. …

On Recruitment Agencies in Japan 
On Recruitment Agencies in Japan On the Recruitment Agencies that Recruit for Public Schools in this country Some of the recruitment agencies, …

Gem School 
Shikoku (Kagawa prefecture) I had a lot of trouble getting paid on time and in the right amount. Any time there were holidays, overtime, etc, my pay …

Smith's School of English 
Smith's franchises are in various locations around Japan. I owned a Smith's franchise for several years. I know how he operates and I don`t agree with …

Maple English School - Kawanishi (No, thank you!) 
I have written once before about an awful experience with a Japanese language school. Here is another one. I applied to a school for a part-time job …

Language House in Japan 
Teach in Japan I taught English in Japan for two years and LOVED it. Had a great boss, great students and a beautiful apartment. The two things I …

I taught at ECC in Kanagawa and Tokyo for 1 and 1/2 years. It was a good school to get my feet wet with. Their training program is good. Like …

St. Mary College in Nagoya 
Nagoya, Aichi ***1/2 Stars It is a good school with nice facilities. The teachers there are good. The training program is also good. It …

English Garden 
Nagoya. Bad management, had a lot of trouble with their schedule. In the end I refused the classes and they did not pay me because I refused future classes …

Lick School, Sanda, Hyogo 
A few months ago, I was in Osaka waiting for a visa (an application which took 8 months, and basically bankrupted me; but that's a different story). Anyway, …

Gem School, Kanonji Kagawa Not rated yet
Gem School - Kagawa and Ehime Prefectures My contract said the school would provide an apartment that I would pay rent on. I was moved in an hour after …

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