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Teach English Online: the benefits, the challenges and the joys of teaching from the comfort of your own home.

Michael Jacobs

Is one teacher in Japan who has experienced what it is like to study for his Masters degree online. Read what he has to say about life in Japan, teaching English, and studying for a degree


How do you go about teaching students on the internet?

Silvina of Argentina asked:

"Good morning. Actually, I feel very attracted to the idea of starting to teach English online. I have always taught in schools and companies to adults, but I would like to add this new way of teaching. Can you tell me how to start? Thanks a lot for your cooperation!"

We answered.

Would you like to Teach Online?

Why teach English online?

Maybe you would like to teach English but you don`t want to leave home to do it. Or maybe you simply want to add to your current teaching schedule. Maybe you want to try something new? Perhaps there aren`t any English schools near to you, and you don`t want to travel half way around the world to teach in one. Perhaps then, teaching English online is for you.

Share YOUR Stories! Have you taught Online?

This site is BY teachers and FOR teachers. Have you ever taught English online? What was it like? Share your story or read the stories of others.

Benefits of Teaching English Online

Students can benefit greatly from the increased practice that online English lessons offer. To teach English online, you are providing a valuable service. You will increase your knowledge of the world by teaching students in other countries, plus you will be paid for it!

By using a head-set and the appropriate software (often available free for download), you can teach English on your computer via internet connection to virtually any part of the world.

The pay for online English teaching is generally less than teaching at a physical school in or outside Japan,, but one advantage is you can have your coffee in your living room or den, and teach at home!

Take off your pajamas though! Especially the ones with holes in them!

At Universal Class
You can teach English and other subjects online to students around the world.

Another Online Way to Help Your Students: iKnow--Cerego

I was introduced to iKnow (Cerego) recently. I don`t think it was the beer I was drinking, but my friend`s laptop displayed the most fantastic software for learning English or any language.

You can use it to teach your students English. You can also have them study it on their own at home or at work.

I plan on using it to study Japanese and French. Other than the fact that it is fantastic software to learn with, the other great thing is that it is totally free.

You can also make your own course. So if you are teaching a group of students and want to cater your course to them, you can do so.

You can cut and paste an article and have Cerego create vocabulary lessons from it. You can choose what vocabulary you want to study.

Your students can also create their own course if they want to.

It is amazingly versatile and to find all the uses you will want to spend some time with it, perhaps studying a language you`d like to learn.

Here is the website:

teach english online with Cerego.

TEFL Franchise - Tired of working for the Bossman?

How to get your own English Students in Japan

I was tired of working for others so started my own English school in Japan. Maybe you have ambitions like this too?

You don`t need to start a full-fledged school like I did. But imagine being able to pay off your rent every month, take your sweetie out for nice dinners whenever you want, and be able to bank a lot of cash, all by working a little bit more each week.

Online ESL Games I Recommend

Teachers are given one of the most important assignments by God and that is to teach new things, ideas and thoughts, to the coming generation. The prime examples of the zenith of this profession were Prophets, who were sent to Earth to spread the message of Almighty God.

Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss influential thinker, believed, “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” Here are the online esl games I recommend.

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