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Teach English Overseas: how does one get a good English teaching position in Japan? Of course at our site here, we have variouslists of schools and jobs on offer. Moreover, check out listof great sites for that same purpose below.

(Teach English Overseas Photo: a poets house in Kanagawa)

"...I feel sorry for some Japanese colleagues and foreigners alike who have houses and families, and it seems like they are forced to do things that they would definitely not do if they did not have to consider their families. They are the ones I really feel sad for because they have to keep it all inside."

--Tim Murphey, The Tale that Wags, p. 15.

Check out the jobs offered at our site.

If you want to teach English overseas, it is rare to find a website better than: Ohayo Sensei

I have long been a subscriber to Ohayo Sensei`s newsletter full of teaching opportunities in Japan and abroad. Subscriptionand advertising is free for most, so there are a plethora of jobs in every issue. I have advertised Kevin`s there many times. It is published bi-monthly. Visit Ohayo Sensei`s site to get a free subscription


Tesall has published some of my articles about teaching in Japan.They have a lot of information at their informative site including jobs available all over Japan. Visit Tesall`s homepage to read the articles on teaching and to find a job.

Jobs in Japan

This site has been one gentleman`s labor of love. He has had it going for many years now. He previously wrote a book on what else: Jobs in Japan. Not only do they list teaching jobs but all kinds of jobs in Japan, plus there is an extensive list of clubs you might want to join once here--hobbies, sports clubs, cultural circles and everything in between.

Visit the Jobs in Japan homepage to read more.


Has some very active forums on Japan and a lot of information about living and working here. As well there are always many jobs listed in all kinds of fields. You can have theiremployment newsletter delivered to your Email address. It`s free. Japan Jobs only.

Visit Gaijinpot`s homepage

Dave`s ESL Cafe

Has the motherlode of job information around Asia and around the world. It is a great site and Dave Sperling has become rather famous in the TEFL world.

Visit Dave`s ESL Cafe

Find more jobs on offer right here at How to Teaching English in Japan!

Teach English Overseas: See our listings of current teaching openings in Japan.

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