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Teaching English: Take a Lesson from Henry Ford

Make a How you are Going to - Teach English Plan before you Go to Japan

If you are going to teach English in Japan or really no matter what your endeavour, be it teaching English in Japan, buying and running an English school franchise here, or something else, we can all learn from Henry Ford`s example.

Before making cars, unlike George W. Bush, Ford had a clear goal which fit the trend of the times. He formulated a plan to achieve that goal. Next he decided on the means of achieving it (how exactly he would do it). Finally, heasked himself whether he had the will to do it, as without the will, it would have been difficult to realize the above steps 1-3.

Thus he envisioned a cheap car, called Ford. It would be made by the revolutionary conveyor belt process. (Revolutionary for making cars). He decided on 8 days shipping from order to the customer receiving the vehicle. The man had a complete plan, thought out, then written out in detail.

The same should apply to what we do, if we hope to be half as successful as Mr.Ford was. If you are going to come to Japan to live and teach, you need to learn all you can before you come. You need to have a clear goal about what exactly you want to do--where exactly you want to work, and how you are going to go about doing that.

Once you secure that employment, how you are going to succeed in that job?

Without clear, well thought out, then well executed plans, you are destined to failure, or at best mediocrity. Why leave it to chance?

Before you come to Japan to teach English, use our website to formulate your plans.

Pictured: a Hadano Sign by Jonathan DeNardis

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