Teachers Games for Vocabulary

Teachers Games for Vocabulary (for teaching vocabulary)

by Lyanne Thomas

Who said that learning new words is boring and daunting? Kids need to learn thousands of words so tedious memorization is not a practical and fun method. It is therefore the task of the teacher to make learning effective and fun, and this is where vocabulary games come into the picture.

Vocabulary games teachers can use for teaching:

Here are some ways to make vocabulary learning fun:

1. Word Play:Give students some time to play with words, games like crossword puzzles and scrabble are good activities for the students.

Divide the class in a group of 4 or 6 depending on their numbers and have a tournament game.

2. Memory Builders:Tedious memorization is just plain boring and most of the time ineffective. Try this activity for an exciting vocabulary skills improvement activity. Prepare some cards, with word meanings written on them and ask students to identify the word as the meaning suggests. The game can be played by dividing your students into 2 groups ie) (boys vs. girls).

3. Game Show: Take the role of a game show host and let students answer vocabulary questions like: word meanings, synonyms or antonyms of words and give credit or reward points to students who volunteer to answer your questions.

4. Vocabulary Bee: If spelling bee is an effective way of learning to spell new words, how about a vocabulary bee for improving vocabulary skills?

Prepare some words for your class and encourage learning by letting them participate in a word meaning game using the mechanics of a spelling bee competition, -reward students for their performance to further motivate them and reinforce learning.

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