Teaching about Sports Presentation

by Kevin Burns
(Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa)

Teaching about Sports Presentation


Class 1: Preparation Class 2: Presentation Class 3: Play your sport (have a mini tournament)


1st Choose your team name:____________________________________

Choose your Captain ____________________ and Assistant Captain _________________

What to do:

Your team will Teach our class about a sport (in front of our class). Your team will talk for 3-5 minutes about the sport you have chosen.

Example Topic: Ice Hockey

-who invented (made) it? - where is it played?
-history of ice hockey -why was it invented? How?
-where is it popular? -which players are great? Why?

2) Basic Rules:
-Briefly teach us how to play ice hockey

Goal: How do you win? What penalties are there?

(in soccer only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with her hands)

*You can use a YouTube short clip to show us how to play.

Part Two

Class 2: Presentation - Your group presents in front of our class for 3-5 minutes.
You teach us about your sport.

Class 3: We Play your sport outside or in the classroom (depending on the sport)

Total Points: Based on Presentation and Class 3 Sport Organisation - 20/20

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