Teaching and Language Learning through Gamification

by Graham Stanley

Teaching and Language Learning through Gamification

Gamification and Teacher Development

(This is a summary of the online sessions that occurred in 2012. Compiled by How to teach English in Japan.)

Thanks to Rob Lewis for a great session on the changes to Teacher Development over the years, and thanks to all of you who participated. I know there was lots of food for thought there.

We will shortly be archiving the session and moving links and some other content to

Wikispaces as this Moodle course won't be around for much longer.

Remember to check out the British Council's TeachingEnglish site if you don't already know it:


And here is the link to the recording of: Rob's session

We have one week left, which will be dedicated to reviewing what we have done so far. You'll have time to catch up on things you've missed through lack of time, and there'll be a number of different videos to watch and articles to read too.

We'll be finishing with one more synchronous session looking back on what we've done over the last month and you are invited to come along and share your thoughts about the EVO session with us. We'll be posting the date/time of this session on the Moodle soon.

if you missed Paul's webinar last night, not to worry as the session was recorded and is available to watch


It's a great opportunity to find out more about gamification and teacher development.

Remember, we have another live session this week, on Sunday, with Rob Lewis talking about the changes in Teacher education that have happened in recent years.

We are having our second synchronous session with the wee, with Rob Lewis, manager of Teaching English, the British Council's website for teachers of EFL.

He will be talking about the changes he has seen in Professional Development in recent years. You can prepare for the session by visiting the Teacher Development section of Teaching English. You can enter the IATEFL Adobe room using this link on the day.


To Summarize

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all of you who joined us for this 5 week adventure into the land of gamification and language learning and teaching. We've had fun and have learned lots from sharing with you and hope you have too.

The final wrap up session recording is here.

We hope you'll keep on playing games (or start!) and trying them out with your students, and thanks again for helping to make this EVO session a lot of fun for us.


Graham and Paul

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