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Teaching English Online: YOUR stories about teaching experiences online, what it is like and how to do it. Many are teaching online all around the world, but how do you get started?

What are the first steps one should take to teach online?

How did you get started teaching online? Tell us your experiences.

If you are new to teaching, you can ask your questions below.

(Pictured: Suwabe`s Bakery in downtown Minami Ashigara)

I know of a few students who have studied online and they enjoyed it. One studied with an online teacher in Canada and another with one in New York City. Having classes online gives students with few chances to speak English, a chance to try out the English they know, and learn more in a convenient and enjoyable way.

Learning English Online is very cheap for students in Japan, a place where English lessons can be very expensive.

Have you taught online. Or would you like to?

But how do you do that?

How English Teachers can Harness Networking Technology

James Shea has done much academic work about how English teachers can harness networking technology to cease reinventing the wheel, and build a solid supportive community. He offers specialist advice at various junctures at his website. He is a trainer at a university in the UK, so Shea knows what he is talking about.

Shea relates:

"Learning English as a Second Language is a subject close to my heart. As a former Head of English in a secondary school, I saw a large influx of ESL students and went out of my way to develop my academic understanding of this area. I now know how to ensure someone develops their English quickly and confidently."

Some teachers, teach from the comfort of their home in the UK to students all over Asia.

Read the stories below or post you stories about online teaching.

This site is BY teachers and FOR teachers! If you have advice about the do`s and don`ts of Online Teaching tell us!

Share your comments!

Have you or do you teach English Online?

Do you have any comments? Tell us about teaching online. What equipment do you use?
How well does it work? What are the benefits or problems of teaching online? Share them!

Our website is all about teachers helping teachers, help and be helped!

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