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Teaching English TEFL, indeed the Grammar Translation Method doesn`t work, unless perhaps you are trying to teach translators, but not teach people to speak English or any language for that matter.

Education in Finland, Japan and the USA, a comparison

Just as standardized testing is outdated, so is the grammar translation method when teaching. Certainly there is a place for both at times, as long as each are not over done.

The Finns have made clear that, in any country, no matter its size or composition, there is much wisdom to minimizing testing and instead investing in broader curricula, smaller classes, and better training, pay, and treatment of teachers. The United States should take heed. “

--Samuel E. Abrams

Japan should use this information too, to reform her educational system! Why stick with old curricula like the grammar translation method, we need to try new stratagem in Japan.

new stratagem in Japan.

Where to find TEFL Jobs Italy

With English continuing to be the preferred language for communication across the world, an increasing number of business people need English to get a job or a promotion and for travelling to English speaking countries to study and work.

This is why there is an increasing demand for teaching English in Italy every year. Practically every town and city in Italy has a well-developed TEFL jobs market. As the Italian schools system offers a below standard of English language education, Italians opt for private tuition to learn English.

Classroom set up for teaching English: TEFL

(Photo: Shizuoka`s Granship building, taken by Paul Canosa)

Photo of bamboo by Richard Baladad

Some useful TEFL Lesson Plans

One of the most important things an ESL teacher has to do and have is a complete and thorough TEFL lesson plan. It is based on this lesson plan that they conduct their classes, and help their ESL students learn the English language.

There are various resources on the internet that offer not only ideas for TEFL lesson plans, but also actual lesson plans. However most ESL teachers find it better and more useful to create their own lesson plan based on the requirements of their


About ESL for Adults, they can be a joy to teach if you can keep the topics of study interesting and get them engaged in learning English.

Teaching ESL to adults is different from teaching children ESL. Adult learners have lost the touch of studying, and may find routine text work and exercises uninteresting and unproductive.

To teach ESL for adults, find out the reason for their joining the class, as different people join classes for different reasons. Some adults may join the course as part of a training program offered by their company to improve their business English.

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