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The Greenlist of English Schools

Teaching Jobs Japan--Pictured: Teacher Mike Kee, Ikumi and I in Nikko

To teach English in Japan, it is best to come prepared. My friend Brent, like many of those you read ranting and raving about how rotten their situation is, came unprepared. He got into a terrible work situation, then he got himself into an impossible rent situation in a lousy apartment.

Last I heard he had gone back home and was working in a pet shop. I hope he is happy. However, it is too bad his "Japan Experience," was so rotten. It needn`t have been if he had done some research before coming to teach in Japan.

I hope our site helps you to avoid both scenarios!

Need a Cheap Place to Stay in Japan?

Merry Lue`s Guest House near Hakone has you Covered!

If you want to travel in Japan, but don`t want to pay the high prices that hotels charge, but still want a nice place to stay, think about staying at Merry Lue`s.

Near Hakone and Hot Springs

Minamiashigara shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Located near the Kari River across from a supermarket with access to nearby Iiwahara Station (Daiyuzan Line). There is a restaurant next door and a Sri Lankan restaurant and Japanese restaurants n...

Teaching Jobs Japan - English Teacher`s Salaries

To me a good basic teacher`s salary is 250,000 Yen per month or more from the school that sponsors you. Anything less, say "No!" If they are not willing to pay you a decent salary, what else are they "chinsy" about?

Frankly I get tired of hearing schools say they care about their teachers, while offering less than 250,000 Yen for full-time work. That really is the minimum in my opinion.

From that 250K you can add on private students and part-time work. As a young guy I ended up making over 400K per month then started my own school and was making more yet again.

Things are tougher now, but money can still be made provided you don`t allow yourself to get into a bad situation with a "crappy" employer.

Read about teacher`s salaries in Japan

Also check out Dave Johnson`s list of good schools in Japan below. I certainly don`t have the last word on good schools to teach in Japan for.

Dave Johnson wants to know which English Schools are good places to work?

Just like Santa, "Cowboy Dave," is making a list (of good English schools in Japan) and checking it twice. Tell him what you know about good places to teach in Japan.

Let`s help the newbies to Japan to avoid some of the horror stories of some of the teaching jobs Japan. Those stories we read about on the internet. You can do that at, Dave`s ESL

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Queen`s English School

Queens English School owner Ian Simpson is a very good lecturer. I had the good fortune to attend one of his presentations at an ETJ Conference in Kanda, Tokyo.

If you own a business in Japan, and especially an English school, it is a great idea to listen to Simpson. Even though I have been involved in teaching for over 25 years and run my own school for over 20 years, I found myself questioning many things while listening to him talk about, "The Edge," his system for teaching English to non-native speakers. He sells this system and it is worth considering in my opinion.

Teaching Jobs Japan -- Richard Burton English Academy in Kanagawa

At Richard Burton English Academy they teach children to adults and they provide the following services: English Conversation classes, translation, interpretation, writing, rewriting, proof-reading service, material design, overseas study advice centre, tutor centre supporting Japanese school subjects, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS etc.

I know Richard personally and see him several times a week. He is an honest and reliable person. He has a great wit and is a dedicated teacher. He may need some teachers for vacation relief or possible part-time work. I highly recommend his school, as one of the good teaching jobs Japan.


Richard Burton

Academic Director

Richard Burton English Academy

277-2 Chimura Hadano

Kanagawa 259-1324


Tel/Fax: 0463-87-4785

Email: japland at cameo.plala.or.jp

Teaching Jobs Japan: Seiha English Academy

Overall Seiha English Academy seems like a good solid school to me. Doug Smith talks about his experiences at


Other Teaching Jobs Japan

Teaching Jobs Japan -- Shin-Shizen-Juku is a Commune in Hokkaido (New Nature School)

This is a farming commune in the villageo of Tsurui, Hokkaido.

Other teaching jobs Japan--Shin Shizen Juku, volunteer to teach the villagers living near the commune.

Teaching Jobs Japan -- Simul Academy

A good friend of mine worked for Simul Academy. He was pretty happy working for them overall. I have heard many good things about this small chain of schools.

Some Simul teachers weigh in on Simul and why they like teaching there.

Check out Simul Academy at the following link:

Visit Simul Academy`s HOMEPAGE

Teaching Jobs Japan -- Star English School

in Sendai comes highly recommended from a few sources.

Owner Kurt Scheibner is famous for not only being a good teacher and manager but for his highly successful EFL4U site that has garnered rave reviews from teachers. Scheibner is a force in TEFL who creates original materials that work with Japanese students. He also asks for others to contribute fun materials.

Scheibner has also authored some textbooks for learning English for EFL Press.

Working for a man like this would be exciting and I highly recommend Star as a great school to teach for in Japan!

Visit Star English School

Visit EFL4U for some great teaching materials.


Star English School

1-1-52 Kakyoin,

Asahi Plaza Kakyoin #904

Sendai, Japan 980-0013

Fax: 81-22-262-8109

TCLC is the Tokyo Centre for Language and Culture

Is it a good school? Does it deserve to be on our greenlist?

One TCLC teacher had this to say:

"Overall, yes, I would say TCLC is a good school. Solid support from the main office and the sales people are concerned with creating courses which deliver value instead of just filling classrooms.

They pay between 3000 - 3500 per hour depending on the lesson duration. All day courses are paid on the lower end of that scale of course. "

TCLC also offers Japanese lessons. So you can brush up on your Nihongo skills there as well!

TCLC makes our Greenlist as the part-time hourly pay is high enough. Generally if a school offers teachers 1800 per hour or less, we do not list them on our site at the Greenlist.

They might be listed at the list of Big Schools if they are a big chain school.

Generally smaller institutions like TCLC treat students and teachers better, and value teachers more.

Any school that say, we care about teachers, but then offers only 1800Yen/hour, is not practicing what they preach in my opinion.

Employment Opportunities at TCLC

TCLC hires qualified and experienced instructors on an ongoing basis for both part-time and full-time schedules. We welcome initial inquiries through this


Teaching Jobs Japan -- The Tokyo YMCA

Apart from a very silly job interview I had with the Yokohama Y in Hon Atsugi years ago, (they had me correct English papers to a timer) I would still recommend the YMCA. I worked for the Tokyo YMCA in Machida years ago, and a good friend of mine taught for the Y for six years and enjoyed it.

Check them out:

Visit the YMCA`s HOMEPAGE for more information.


Tokyo Young Men's Christian Association

2-2-20 Toyo Koto-ku

Tokyo, Japan 135-0016

E-mail: pr@tokyo.ymca.or.jp

Teaching Jobs Japan -- Mission of The Tokyo YMCA

"The Tokyo YMCA carries out activities which contribute to local communities in an attempt to create a just and peaceful world, in the hope that young people can achieve holistic development of their spirits, minds, and bodies, based on the love and spirit of service as exemplified by Jesus Christ."--Tokyo YMCA

I worked for the Tokyo YMCA way back in 1990-1991. God am I that old?.......gasp, woooh!!! gas pain!..................

I`m back, sorry about that. Will edit the above out later!

I taught at their Machida school and my boss was Mr. Minamida. He was great! He spoke fluent English and had lived in Canada for a long time. His style was very easy going (much like my own) so we had a lot of freedom in how we taught. Teachers were always treated with respect and responded in kind.

*Funny how that works isn`t it? If teachers are treated well, they generally teach well and are reliable employees. I wish some of the schools would get that message--especially some of the larger schools. Though some of the teachers who come to Japan are bad employees no matter where they work. Some undesirables make it to Japan`s shores unfortunately.

*If you are one of them, clean up your act. You make it worse for everyone else. One school I taught for didn`t like Canadians much because of the Canadian jerk who had taught there before me. Represent yourself and your country well. --End of speech.

Back to the Tokyo YMCA

I organized a tennis tournament for the school and played guitar for the children`s classes.

The boss, the office staff, the teachers and the students. All were great! You can`t go wrong with the Tokyo YMCA. Working there was a great experience for me.

The only reason I finally left, was I wanted to start Kevin`s English Schools, which I modelled after the Tokyo YMCA to a large extent.

In general, I think working for a smaller school is best. At smaller schools you can get to know the staff and students, and you are not just a number. At the Machida School it was small. We got to know each other. This perhaps made all the difference.

Teaching Jobs Japan -- Tom`s English House

Tom`s is another of the smaller English schools in Japan. Tom has two schools and a Korean restaurant. Visit his website to learn more about his school and to contact him.

Visit Tom`s HOMEPAGE for more information.

Teaching Jobs Japan -- Vantage Japan

Full-time, Salary from 270,000/Month

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Email: hiring@vantage.co.jp

Please apply by Email.

Vantage Japan


Native English Speaker

Must love working with children

Must be prepared to work (not be paid to have a holiday)

Description of position

Vantage Japan Inc. is a rapidly growing company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, looking for positive and energetic teachers to introduce Japanese children to English, computers and foreign cultures at Kindergartens in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyushu and Northern Kanto. Our philosophy is that with this interaction we are "planting the seeds of English” in the children for a multicultural Japan in the future.

Even though we are a modern company endeavoring to expand, we still maintain a friendly small company atmosphere.

Our students` ages range from three to ten years. Five days of teaching from Monday to Friday (basically 9-5) with occasional special events such as Sports Day falling on weekends.

Monthly starting salary is JPY 270,000. Two weeks of paid training. Travel to and from work is reimbursed. Accommodation assistance provided. Paid Summer and Winter vacations, plus ten days sick leave. Visa sponsorship/renewal available (must have a degree).

Applicants with a teaching, music or drama major/experience preferred but not a necessity. This position is limited to native speakers who have basic computer skills, and genuinely enjoy working with children.

Teaching Jobs Japan -- West Side English Schools

David Lisgo is famous amongst English teachers in Japan. If you are at all active on the internet, perusing the forums about teaching in Japan, you will have come across his name. Lisgo is famous for producing a CD-Rom set for Finding Out and he owns an English school in Kagoshima Prefecture. Having read many of Lisgo`s posts about teaching children and other topics, I was impressed by a man who genuinely cares about his profession.

West Side English Schools is highly recommended!


9-1,3 Shibushi,

Shibushi-cho, Soh-gun,

Kagoshima-ken 899-7103

Tel/Fax: 0994-73-3047,

E-mail: mailto:david at minos.ocn.ne.jp

David Lisgo - Owner

Teaches: Elementary school to adults

Word Up Language Center in Matsuyama, Ehime

My Name: Douglas Bewernick Who am I?: I am the president and co-founder of Word Up. I have been teaching in Japan since 1990. Where am I From?: California. United States. About Me: I love spending time with my kids and although it is often a struggle, I make time for working out every week.

Word Up Language Center Check out the homepage at the link above for more information about Word Up!

At Word Up Language Center they teach more than just English. Take a look at the languages offered:

* French * Chinese * Korean * Spanish * German

I have a reliable source who told me that the Word Up Language Center should definitely be listed at How to Teach English in Japan.


Word Up Language Center

Word Up Building

Minatomachi 4-1-15

Matsuyama, Ehime


Email: wordupjapan at gmail.com

Or contact us by phone or fax at:

Phone: 089-932-3232 Fax: 089-932-3209

Yokohama YMCA

A friend of mine really enjoyed his time working for the Y.


English Multimedia Systems,

1-7 Tokiwa-cho, Naka-ku,

Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref. 231-8458

Tel 045-662-3721

Email: yokohama@ymcajapan.org

Yokohama YMCA

University degree and TESOL training preferred.

They have over 200 teachers employed.

Branches in Kanagawa, not just Yokohama.

They also offer Japanese lessons.

See teaching jobs that are available now in Japan!

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