Teaching with a family in tow?

by Anonymous
(Outside Japan)

Teaching in Japan Question

I'm wondering, is it likely I can find a job in Japan teaching, which will allow me to bring my family?

I've been declined multiple times now, early in the process, because I disclose that I have dependents. I'm told that housing is part of the job, and that it only allows single occupancy. I even had one recruiter tell me I'm "splendidly qualified" and to call back when I'm ready to come alone. I was shocked.

What kind of employer would want someone that could coldly dump their children for a year, and besides, that kind of denial would be a lawsuit here in the states. So, is it a pipe dream to think I can find a position that can handle that I'm coming with my kids?

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Sep 03, 2015
No worries NEW
by: Val

English can be taught in any part of the world really. I have a friend who teaches it in China and it's going very well for him.

Sep 03, 2015
yay NEW
by: Mimi


Jun 11, 2015
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May 07, 2015
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by: Ramona

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Feb 26, 2011
Teach in Japan with family
by: Kevin R. Burns

Teach in Japan with family

I read your comments.

Welcome to Japan! LOL! There isn`t even a law preventing racism. Don`t get me started on some of the unfairness here.

That said, overall, it`s a good place.

You may need to come to Japan to get hired.

Some schools would love the fact that you are bringing family. These schools may well be in the countryside, so your family would provide a bit of international atmosphere to the community.

If you really want to do this, you may have to save your money, and take the plunge with family in tow.

Or come first and bring the family afterwards.

However I gather the latter is not possible?

My wife feels it is a huge challenge and getting
a job in your home country is better.

It is tough getting set up just on your .
Having family members "in tow," will make it that much tougher.

Bottom line - you will need to come here to have any chance at a job I feel. Sorry I can`t be more positive for you.

Once here I think there are many opportunities, though it has gotten much tougher and the jobs on offer are not nearly as good as they were ten years ago or more.

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