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You can get your TEFL Certificate Madrid! If you want to go to Spain to study for your TEFL certificate or simply to study TEFL, you can do it with some of the institutions we recommend below, or you can do it online with i-to-i Travel.

I recommend i-to-i Travel as they not only train you but they will place you in a job in Japan, China, the Czech Republic,Ecuador, Indonesia, South Korea or Georgia.

If I didn`t have three children, I might well be training and working through i-to-i.

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TEFL certificate Madrid--get your TEFL Certificate in Spain

One great thing about teaching is that it affords you the opportunity to not only work abroad, but study abroad. Before you teach in Japan, why not get your TEFL certificate in Madrid or in another part of beautiful Spain?

EBC International offers a TEFL/TESOL Certificate as well as teacher training and support services designed to help you realise your dream of studying, teaching and living abroad.

EBC`s certificates are accredited and can be done in Spain or online.

EBC`s program is externally moderated, 4 weeks in duration, and gives you a dual-award: TESOL/TEFL teacher training and worldwide, lifetime job placement assistance program.

"EBC is a language training organisation that was founded in 1995. EBC has been running a highly successful TEFL certificate course since 2002. Due to its language roots, the EBC TEFL certificate course is built for teachers by teachers. This is one thing that sets EBC apart from the competition."--from the EBC homepage

EBC has trained and placed thousands of teachers all over the world.

All of EBC`s courses are accredited and externally moderated by the College of Teachers at the Institute of Education, University of London.

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You can also arrange your TEFL course and accommodation packagethrough EBC and they claim it is cheaper than doing it yourself,as they have some discounts negotiated with accommodationproviders.

Teach Overseas, Get Your TEFL Certificate Madrid With the EBC Course

The EBC course is accredited and externally moderated by a government overseen examination board.

*You will get 2 certificates: a TEFL certificate and a TESOL certificate. Get your TEFL Certificate in Madrid and other cities in Spain.

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Tefl Certificate Madrid ... the city that rocks!

madrid ... the city that rocks!

One thing is for sure, "Madrileños" - or the inhabitants of Madrid - certainly know how to enjoy life to the full.

And, you should too whilst in Madrid, for the capital of Spain is a charming city - rich in culture, museums and monuments - and, at night it really rocks.

Its bustling Gran Via is a shopoholics dream - and can be dangerous on the purse. But, not as dangerous as the expensive calle Serrano.

For children, there is plenty to keep them amused - with the Zoo-Aquarium, Faunia Theme Park, Wax Museum, Amusement Park, Warner Bros-Madrid Theme Park ...

And the city comes alive at night for absolutely everyone ...

Cinemas, theaters, nightclubs, restaurants, floorshows, ballet, opera ... the choice is yours.

During the day, there are all those sensational sights to see - many of which can be viewed from an open-top tour bus if you´re feeling too lazy to walk.

The Palacio Real or Royal Palace has been the residence of the Royal Monarchy in Madrid Spain since 1764.

Across its courtyard is the Royal Armoury and, close by, are the beautiful Sabatini Gardens and Cathedral of the Almudena - where, not so long ago, Prince Felipe married his true love.

The Plaza Mayor is a huge square of 3-storey buildings constructed in 1617, with a statue of Felipe III on horeseback in its center.

The Puerta de Alcalá - located in the center of the Plaza de la Independencia - is on the calle de Alcalá, where you'll also encounter the Fine Arts Museum and the Casino.

At the other end of the street is the Puerta del Sol.

Moving along to the Plaza Colón, discover monuments dedicated to Colombus and his travels. In the center of this square are the Gardens of Discovery, towered over by huge blocks of stone, inscribed with details of the explorer's travels.

Madrid Spain is famous for its museums - and a major attraction is the Prado Museum, housing the world´s greatest collection of Spanish paintings.

Two other museums well worth a visit are the Museo Thyseen-Bornemisza in the Palacio de Villahermosa, and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Madrid possesses an abundance of pleasant parks and gardens, the main one being the huge, 12-hectare Parque del Buen Retiro with its two palaces and central lake.

Madrid is also noted for its beautiful fountains - la Cibeles in the central Plaza de la Cibeles ... the Fountain of Neptune, close to the Prado Museum ...

So ... make your way to Madrid Spain. You´ll love it!

by Linda Plummer of Top Tour of Spain

"Get your TEFL Certificate Madrid, an experience of a lifetime!"