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TEFL Courses London - Reviews: which courses are good?

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by Lyanne Thomas

England, the birthplace of the English language and its capital city- London, is among the 3 largest financial centers in the world. Needless to say London is one of the best places to take a TEFL course with all that it has to offer from history, entertainment, art, music, fashion and of course its many language schools that offer TEFL courses.

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Indeed how do we choose a good TEFL course? Any TEFL course with 100 or more contact hours with 6 hours or more assessed teaching practice can provide you with what you need to teach students of all levels.

Your TEFL course must also provide the knowledge on lesson planning including how to go through course books - in other words what to use and what to skip. The latter you will learn more of as you teach of course, but a TEFL class that touches on this will help you when you are first starting out.

The primary question that one often asks when taking a TEFL course is: Will this TEFL course land me a good TEFL job in my chosen country?

It is a fact that employers will look first for prior teaching experience and in the absence of this comes the importance of a good TEFL course.

Here is a list of some TEFL Courses in London that you can choose from:

1. Eat, Pray, Love is said by author Elizabeth Gilbert, but INTESOL or the International TESOL training says: Live, Travel and Teach.

INTESOL is a global company with branches worldwide. They have 2 teaching practice centers in London, the London Empire Academy and South Chelsea College and since INTESOL is recognized worldwide it gives you the opportunity to teach globally or to the country of your choice. INTESOL

2. TITC or TEFL International offers a 4 week TEFL course in London. TITC's TEFL course emphasizes more on actual teaching practice hours in the classroom. The course is externally validated by the Board of Academic Advisors and job guidance is conducted throughout the student's teaching career. TITC

3. The London Teacher Training College, established in 1984 and with more than 50 partner schools worldwide that are accredited by IATQI. LTTC also offers online courses for those who want to enroll but for some reasons cannot be in the great city of London for the course. LTTC

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