TEFL Institute

First, you need to decide which country you want to go to. It is better to select a local TEFL institute of the country where you wish to teach. You can make a list of all the TEFL institutes in your country. by doing a google search.

by K. Ali

From this list, do some research about each institute on the internet. Most of the reputed institutes have their own websites, so you can easily find them. You may also be able to find some reviews or comments about the institutes from the people who have already studied there.

This will give you an estimate about which institute is better, so that you can short list the good ones. Once you narrow down your selection, you can go to each institute in person, and ask them if they can give you a trial class.

With the trial you can attend one class to evaluate if the place is good enough or not. When you are at the institution take their brochures, go through them, see what courses they offer and what time it would take to complete each program, and therefore, after how many months would you be able to teach.

If the course that you are selecting is too expensive, make sure that it is worth the price. An international standard certificate is better, so try selecting the one that is up to international standards.

In the end, I would say, “Something is better than nothing”, if you are not able to find a good institution in some other country, it is better to start going to one in your homeland or you can start learning on the internet and from anonline TEFL course or from TEFL books on your own at home.

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