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Undeniably the leading continent in terms of fashion, architecture, art and music, Europe never fails to attract tourists.

by Lyanne Johnson

With Europe's interesting history and glorious scenery from amazing architecture such as the Napoleonic grandeur of Paris and the haunting buildings of Poland to the breathtaking greenery of the Scottish highlands, the volcanic dramatics of Iceland and of course the Alps of France, Switzerland, and Italy, Europe is a jot to travel; and I have not even mentioned the pristine beaches of Albania and Bulgaria.

Though it is a fact that travelling Europe is quite pricey, it is claimed that native English speakers can fund an open-ended world travel through English teaching. Teaching jobs in Europe are abundant but getting a work visa may be difficult. To be able to get a work visa one must have a job offer from the country you wish to work in.

The cost of living in Europe depends on which country you're talking about. The higher the income in that particular country the higher the cost of living is. Basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter are most of the time - expensive, especially in big cities or capital cities.

Although there is high demand for English teaching or TEFL jobs in Europe it is noted that quality teaching is of great importance. For this reason to get a good TEFL job in Europe you must have one of the 2 internationally recognized qualifications. The 2 qualifications highly respected and recognized worldwide are the CELTA and Trinity TESOL.

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