Where to find, TEFL Jobs Italy?

Where to find TEFL Jobs Italy

by Aarti Thomas

With English continuing to be the preferred language for communication across the world, an increasing number of business people need English to get a job or a promotion and for travelling to English speaking countries to study and work.

This is why there is an increasing demand for teaching English in Italy every year. Practically every town and city in Italy has a well-developed TEFL jobs market. As the Italian schools system offers a below standard of English language education, Italians opt for private tuition to learn English.

With Rome being Italy’s favorite tourist destination and the country’s political, economic and cultural center there are various TEFL jobs available here.

Milan is one of Europe’s main industrial and business cities, home of the iconic Alfa Romeo and other multinationals and the Italian Stock Exchange seat. As Milan is Italy’s economic powerhouse, there are various TEFL jobs available here.

Bari is an attractive town in Italy on the shores of the Adriatic that offers various TEFL jobs in Italy.

Use the help of employment websites

The best way to find a TEFL job in Italy is through a TEFL employment website. After scrolling through the various job opportunities available for you, you will find a job that interests you. This is when you have to apply for the job, with a CV. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the CV as you don’t want your application rejected for an English teaching job because of bad grammar and spelling.

You could also look through newspapers, use the help of TEFL recruitment agencies and go through local expat magazines for TEFL jobs in Italy. It is however better to advertise about your services with a TEFL recruitment website as once your CV is on their files, they will continue to contact you when they find a job suitable for you in the future.

You can also travel to Italy to look for work there. While there is a better chance of schools hiring you as they meet you personally for an interview, you may have to spend lots of time and money looking for a job, without any guarantee of actually getting a job.

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