Where to find TEFL Jobs Spain?

Where to find TEFL Jobs Spain?

by Aarti Thomas

There is an increasing demand for native English TEFL teachers in Spain today. The reason for this increased demand is that many jobs in Spain require English fluency. This is why English is now compulsory in Spanish state schools where only experienced TEFL teachers get to teach there.

There are various TEFL job opportunities in Spain in practically all the major towns and cities of Spain. These jobs are available in numerous settings that range from state schools to kindergartens and from private tutoring to private language schools.

Popular places to look for jobs in Spain

The most popular places to look for your TEFL job in Spain are in Madrid, which is not only one of the biggest cities of Europe, but also a city that houses maximum TEFL jobs.

Barcelona is another famous city of Spain and one of Spain’s top TEFL positions.

Though Seville does not offer as many TEFL jobs as in Barcelona and Madrid, the city still boasts of a well developed TEFL job market with a lower cost of living.

The best way to find TEFL jobs in Spain is by going through TEFL employment websites. In addition to this, many schools in Spain place advertisements in TEFL recruitment agencies, newspaper and local expat magazines.

Of the lot, it’s always better to work with the recruitment agencies as once you give them your CV, and has been interviewed by them; they will contact you whenever they come across a suitable job opportunity for you in the future.

You could also travel to Spain and personally approach schools looking for TEFL teachers. However this can be a waste of time if you are rejected at the first few schools, and have to spend valuable time and money looking for other job opportunities.

However if you are lucky, the first school may be impressed on meeting you personally and offer you the job!

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