TEFL Lesson Plans

by Aarti Thomas

Some useful TEFL Lesson Plans

One of the most important things an ESL teacher has to do and have is a complete and thorough TEFL lesson plan. It is based on this lesson plan that they conduct their classes, and help their ESL students learn the English language.

There are various resources on the internet that offer not only ideas for TEFL lesson plans, but also actual lesson plans. However most ESL teachers find it better and more useful to create their own lesson plan based on the requirements of their students.

1) Basically, a TEFL lesson plan should constitute of a main topic, objectives to be met, time for teaching students, provision for student activities and finally, evaluation. The main topic is the topic in English you wish to teach your students for effective English communication.

2) The objectives to be covered depend on the topic and length of the lesson and usually consist of two to five objectives. The objectives have to be measurable and student-centered to ensure you will be able to gauge if the students have met them.

3) The best TEFL lesson plans devote minimum time for actual teaching. This study part of the plan consists of steps you use to teach the lesson; it could be a short presentation or perhaps some study from a grammar book.

4) Maximum time is spent on ESL student activities in the best TEFL lesson plans. This is the part of the plan where the student applies whatever they have learnt during the ‘study’ part in ESL games, writing, speaking or close exercises to ensure a complete understanding of the topic.

5) The evaluation part of the TEFL lesson plan is the part where the student is evaluated to find out if they have met the lesson plan objectives. Evaluation type can be informal or formal, and depends on the format and length of the class, the ESL lesson topic and other factors.

Evaluation can be one-on-one where you either listen to the student using the subject taught in a conversation or give a written quiz at the end of the class.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to create any type of TEFL lesson plan you deem right for your class.

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