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Why teach through film?

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Movies expose students to natural English, and give students an eye into foreign cultures. Learning through movies is fun!Anything that helps keep students interested in English is usually not a bad thing.

I am presently teaching an English through Film class at a university in Kanagawa, Japan.

The following is a compilation of my ideas and the ideas of other teachers I work with. Thank you to all who have helped me!

Some Activities you can do in an English through Film Class

Write a Play:

In groups of 5/6 students, write a play. You could also have students make a movie, but writing and performing a play is easier. The students always have the option of filming it if they want to, and further, posting it to You tube or a blog if they desire.

I showed my students the movie "Cowboys & Aliens," which they enjoyed. Then I asked them to write a movie review on this film.

Next I put them into 5/6 student groups and assigned them the task of writing a play about aliens or UFOs coming to Japan.

I like freedom in my classes so I gave them the option to write a play on a different topic, but used the above as a guide - (the movie as the lead in).

The movie review was writing practice and another vehicle to get them thinking about the topic, then the play as the group project.

My class is very large - 61 students, so I am planning to do a lot of group work in it.

Perform a Scene

Watch a scene from a movie then perform it. Movie scripts are widely available on the internet, just search Yahoo. Have the students rehearse and act out parts from the scripts.

If they are hesitant, telling them to use their own words often helps.

Your Ending

Put students into small groups, and have them write their own conclusion to a movie.

Discuss a Scene

Good for Intermediate - Advanced students

Watch a scene with no subtitles. Talk about it with other students in groups of 3-6, then write a summary of the scene.For lower level students, you might want to prepare easy discussion questions and let them ask each other in pairs or small groups.

TEFL Teacher Training - Poster Project

- short oral presentations

Have students talk about one of their favorite movies. Have students use an A3 sized paper with drawings or pictures from their favourite film. Don`t allow them to write on their paper they must free talk or memorize what they want to say.

Movie Script Fill in

-close/writing activity

Students study vocabulary from a movie and fill in the blanks with the missing vocabulary.

Listen/Close Activities

Fill in the blanks. Students watch a scene from a movie and fill in the missing dialogue. You can make your own activies by getting the scripts online then renting the DVD, or Macmillan has some ready prepared for "Casablanca," and "Roman Holiday."

Video Critic

In PC rooms, students searched for English content videos, then watched and commented on them.

TEFL Teacher Training - Movie Discussion

For Intermediate - Advanced students ask them to discuss movies, movie stars, and Hollywood Gossip. I either write the topics on the board or hand out topics cards with different topics on the cards. Each student gets one card with a topic on each side ie) Hollywood Gossip, Tom Cruise, or Science Fiction

I put them into rotating pairs. So each pair has a choice of four topics to talk about.

For elementary or false beginners, I prepare my own questions about movies or use a textbook. Many textbooks have a section on entertainment and movies with questions for pairs.

Movie Reviews

Watch a movie then write a movie review. I often give them an easy movie review to read before writing their own. Or use a work sheet that hints at the elements of a good review. One teacher suggested writing the Who?, What?, Where? Why? How? questions on the board to remind students to answer as much as they can.

Once students have written one review, they find it much easier to do.

TEFL Teacher Training - Play the Game Version

Many movies have been made into games. Some games have even been made into movies. Watch a movie like "The Name of the Rose," or another good movie with a game version of it. Have them write a movie review of it, or put them into pairs or groups and have them make a trivia quiz or a set of comprehension questions about the movie - that they will ask another group or pair.

Then play the game version of the movie.

Lesson Plans based on Movies

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