I recommend TEFL TV! I have found video to be beneficial when it comes to teaching things like how to teach English. It is difficult to learn TEFL from books. It can be done.

However, TEFL books are of more benefit, after you are a teacher and have some grounding in what it is really like in the classroom.

With TEFL TV you can watch and learn from real experts online. You can see exactly what you need to do from the videos right on your computer. It can also be downloaded to your iPod.

Watch TEFL TV Now

The videos are good for anyone new to English Teaching(TEFL) or anyone who hasn`t been in a classroom for a while.

The videos are available and they are the perfect partner to a TEFL course and will also help those thinking about TEFL to get a taste of what it's really like teaching a class of non-native English speakers!

The videos address the following:

* How a real TEFL class works

* Common TEFL mistakes - and how to avoid them

* How to keep your class engaged with fun and interactive games

* Avoid painful silences - learn how to elicit responses from your pupils

* The different stages and structure of an EFL lesson

* How to expand on each video lesson and use it in your own classroom

Each of the 45 videos are between 2 and 7 minutes long, they use a common format with voice over and graphical bullet points to accompany the film, and this helps to make sure that the important points are clear for you.

The videos cover:

* Games & Activities

* Grammar

* Listening

* Professional Development

* Pronunciation

* Reading

* Speaking

* Teaching Techniques

* Vocabulary

* Writing

If you already have an i-to-i TEFL course the videos will be available to you under the same account, otherwise they`ll set you up an account automatically.

You can watch on your iPod

The videos are especially formatted to be iTunes ready! This means you can play videos on your iPod, iPhone and Apple TV straight away!

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