TESOL in Vancouver

TESOL in Vancouver - This incredibly beautiful city on the West coast of Canada, is one of the centers of the world for learning and of course teaching English.

Part of that may be the aforementioned beauty, and another reason is Vancouver`s proximity to Asia. For whatever reason, Vancouver is one of the places to be if you want to teach or train to teach - TESOL.

Want to get TESOL Qualifications?

VCC - Vancouver Community College

My brother has worked here for years and I have visited the Broadway and downtown campuses many times. I took a course here once myself. It is a great school and I can vouch for the teachers too, as being very good!

They have many courses, on all aspects of teaching English to non-natives.

Get your TESOL Qualifications at Vancouver Community College.

Canaglobe TESOL Center

We recommend Canaglobe TESOL Center located in Vancouver. It is located in Gastown on Water Street. Which is one of the most interesting parts of the city.

Canaglobe offers TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages, and TESOL with TEC - Teaching English to Children.

Learn more about Canaglobe TESOL Center

TESOL Employment in Vancouver

There are a plethora of English schools in Vancouver`s new Chinatown, known at Richmond. Most of the students at these schools will be Chinese, with some Taiwanese, Japanese and a smattering of other Asians. You can simply walk along Richmond`s main artery, No. 3 Road to spot them.

If you are interested in applying, I would advise simply dawning your best clothes, resume in hand, and paying a visit to each one in turn.

Columbia College

I had the pleasure of working at their old Burnaby Campus. They are now located in downtown Vancouver on Seymour Street.

I started as a program assistant during their summer intensive program, and landed a job teaching and doing office work during the university term. I was studying at UBC and working part-time at Columbia. At various times over two years I taught English through Drama, assisted in other classes, and helped to run the summer sports program.

The summer program was fantastic with students from all over the world. The experience was invaluable and convinced me to go to Japan to teach (after meeting hundreds of Japanese students). Want to teach for Columbia College?

My Story

My experience at Columbia College, Kwantlen University, CHI, the Cultural Homestay Institute and my BA degree from UBC made me very employable in Japan. If you get a degree and a little experience and/or training, you can get a great teaching position in Asia.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Is an undergraduate university offering degree programs and other programs.

I studied here myself for my first year. It is a good school with very dedicated teachers. In my twenties I landed a summer job teaching English through Drama, running the summer sports program and being a program assistant for the English program for French Canadian students. I loved this job and it was great to get to know so many students from Quebec.

Kwantlen offers many different ESL classes. This would be a great place to teach.

See Kwantlen`s Employment Page now.

An easy way of finding places to teach TESOL in Vancouver is simply googling "study English in Vancouver." See the Vancouver ESL schools listed at Google.

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