TESOL Jobs Universities Libya

TESOL Jobs Universities Libya If you are looking for TESOL jobs in Libyan universities, you have to first complete a TESOL certification program. As not all TESOL companies are the same, you have to be careful while choosing the right program to join.

by Aarti Thomas

Check the credentials and standard of the school and the ability of its teachers in helping you get TESOL jobs in Libyan universities.

The course should be at least 120 hours long; shorter programs will not give you an internationally recognized certificate.The TESOL certificate should also be internationally accredited, or at least offered directly through an accredited university. The program should also provide assistance in looking for and finding a TESOL job in Libya for you.

Personal attention in Finding a Job for you

What do they offer you?

They should provide you with personal attention and service and knowledge about finding a TESOL job in Libya. This includes finding the right job, and helping you in writing an international resume and cover letter.

In addition they should also help you negotiate the terms of your Libyan job. This can be difficult if you are not familiar with the Libyan employment situation. The institute you study at should also make you aware of Libyan visa regulations.

Preferably, the site should have an online jobs available section, or forum that you can use to find out about the many TESOL job opportunities available in Libya.

All this should however be available to you for free, and you should not have to pay extra for job search guidelines and placement in Libya.

Don’t forget the fine print

Don’t send a single application for a TESOL job; send a few of them and wait to see which clicks for you. Don’t accept the first offer that comes your way, you have to visit Libya and take a look at the school to ensure you will be comfortable teaching there.

Before signing the contract, make sure all the terms and conditions are clear, and to your expectations. Confirm your salary, accommodation, and if your return fare will be paid by them and the term of the job.

Look for fine print in the contract, and anything that is not clear should be clarified before signing. This done, you will be able to reap the benefits and experience of working TESOL in Libya.

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