Testing Vocabulary

On Testing Vocabulary - English Vocabulary Test Reviews: some good tests for your students.

by Lyanne Smythe

A list of good vocabulary tests for English learners:

Expert Rating

Passing the Expert rating's English vocabulary test is a way of getting a highly recognized certification.

Their English vocabulary test includes homophones, commonly confused words, antonyms, synonyms, definitions and inferred meaning. The test is composed of 40 multiple choice questions which has between 2 and 8 options, 1 or more of it may be correct. This is a timed test of 40 minutes.


Composed of great vocabulary tests intended for: SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and VOA preparation. Vocaboly is composed of 3 types of tests: a Quick test of 10 multiple choice questions, a Medium test of 20 multple choice questions and a Thorough test that contains 40 multiple choice questions.

Nonstop English

Composed of several vocabulary test exercises ranging from word meaning and formation to idioms and English sayings. The exercises are composed of 20 questions. After taking the test you may evaluate yourself and get your result. The vocabulary tests on this site are great tools for improving your vocabulary skills.

SAT vocabulary tests

Here are some great vocabulary practice tests for 6th graders to 8th graders, and for freshman to AP seniors.The tests are grouped according to topics , there are 15 units with several different topics to choose from.


Vocabulary tests for ESL learners! LearnEnglishFeelGood.com is one of the best vocabulary sites. Each of their exercises centers on one theme. They are very useful exercises for everyday use. They have tests for English words and expressions during travel, when dining out in a restaurant, at a party and so much more. They also have visual ESL exercises, vocabulary quizzes on holidays and so much more.

Vocabulary size test

Do you want to test your vocabulary size? Take this 50 multiple choice vocabulary test and get a recommendation regarding learning strategies suited for your skills.

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